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Ambassador report

Ambassador report


by Amama Ira Amalia Priyono | 10-11-2020 10:31 Comments 4 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations



Reported by: Amama Ira Amalia Priyono

Since last March the Covid-19 pandemic began to have an impact in Indonesia. The community is required to be able to survive and begin to adapt to the situation of the outbreak which is increasing every day. In total for almost a year, this epidemic has accompanied the lives of Indonesians. Especially in Semarang, Central Java, my domicile area is the red zone for Covid-19. With the existence of Covid-19, many companies are implementing a work from home system. Likewise, with schools that divert teaching and learning activities online.


With changing work patterns and community activities, a new habit has emerged, namely cycling. This cycling habit is a habit carried out by a family or a group of young people in the morning or evening to get around in a certain area while exercising. With changes in activities carried out from home, many people have more time at home than before the Covid-19 pandemic. This habit is a lot of public debate. There are people who support that this activity is a new environmentally friendly lifestyle to reduce vehicle fuel gas emissions. However, there are also those who are contra, who say that people should still obey the advice to be at home and not mistakenly aim at work from home or study from home for other activities outside the home


Regardless of the various opinions that exist in society. Cycling activities during a pandemic have become a habit that cannot be eliminated. Many areas in Semarang that were previously quiet are now busy areas for cycling such as the Simpang Lima area, Tembalang UNDIP Stadium, Semarang Tri Lomba Juang Area, Kota Lama Area, and many other public areas. To support this new habit the purchasing power of bicycles in Indonesia in general and in Semarang in particular has increased dramatically.


The impact of this new habit can be seen around Semarang such as the sky that looks bluer, the air is fresher, and fewer vehicles on the highway. The public must maintain health protocols according to the rules. Wear a health mask as recommended and wash your hands / bring a hand sanitizer while traveling. It cannot be denied that everyone needs to leave the house to do a certain activity, but it must be balanced with self-awareness of the importance of self-protection from Covid-19.

bike habit


SJ Mentor

  • SJ Mentor says :
    Hello Amama!
    It's your SJ mentor.

    Thank you for sharing your thematic report concerning cycling.
    I was not accustomed with this subject, but I could realize this habit is helpful for our environment.
    Reducing the frequency of using automobiles will result to lower amount of carbon gas emission.
    I hope people concern their own sanitary to avoid infection and attain sustainable lifestyle.
    I appreciate your devotion to Eco Generation.
    Green cheers!

    Best regards,
    SJ mentor.
    Posted 25-11-2020 13:15

Amama Ira Amalia  Priyono

  • Amama Ira Amalia Priyono says :
    Hello WooJoo Mentor

    Greetings from Indonesia
    Thank you for your comment on my report!

    This habit makes many public places crowded. Even though we have adhered to health protocols, wear a mask, and wash our hands / carry a hand sanitizer when traveling somewhere. These efforts are only to reduce the risk of not contracting Covid-19, and not really preventing it.
    Doing more activities from home and only leaving when there are important matters will be able to reduce the increasing number of Covid-19 cases.
    I hope you are always healthy.

    Best Regards,
    Amama Ira Amalia Priyono
    Posted 16-11-2020 08:53

Mun WooJooMentor

  • Mun WooJooMentor says :
    Hello Amama,
    this is your mentor WooJoo.

    Thank you for sharinf your report about new cycling habits.
    Similar change resulting in the pandemic has resulted in South Korea too.
    Due to several restrictions, people decided to go to parks for cycling or just for a walk.
    Although we have to be careful and comply with the regulations, this new habit is healthier and eco friendly.
    I would like to hear what you think about the new habit in details.

    Keep sharing

    Posted 13-11-2020 20:09

Amama Ira Amalia  Priyono

  • Amama Ira Amalia Priyono says :
    pict cr : https://www.ayosemarang.com/images-semarang/post/articles/2020/06/30/59483/67716-cfd-dibuka-kembali.jpg
    Posted 10-11-2020 10:32

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