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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] the impact of the pandemic on the environment

by Ilona Poplavskaya | 12-11-2020 17:10 Comments 5 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

The coronavirus epidemic, as well as this letter surprisingly, favorably influenced the approach of the inhabitants of Russia to the sphere around them.  Due to months of self-isolation, forced restrictions and closure of the limits due to COVID-19, society began to be more careful about our own planet.
 Undoubtedly, the negative impact also existed.  There was a large size of garbage in the version of single-use masks, packaging with sanitizers and plastic bags.  There is also a photo-negative from the coronavirus, but there is much more positive for the environment.
 Massive pathologies of industrial activities, as well as the ban on traveling in cars, initiated by the novel coronavirus pandemic, plunged into a vast range of influences in the surrounding area.  On the one hand, carbon dioxide emissions have rapidly decreased - for example, a 25% reduction in this sign in China, according to expert monitoring, is able to save 77 thousand existences according to the last edge for 2 months.  On the other hand, the pandemic has delayed the introduction of renewable energy capacity, but competing with it produces a large amount of hard-to-decompose waste: for example, non-woven used material from honey masks and respirators.  "High-tech" narrates, one or another impact of the general pandemic COVID-19 manifests itself in the environment.
 Pandemics in their entirety are not simply considered a significant issue of social health - they activate tragic socio-financial and socio-political decays in the states where the infection happened.
 At the present time, the microbe spread more than in the Dvesta of States - the pandemic touched in this amount the most powerful economies of society, among which the United States of America, the Celestial Empire, Country, State of the People's Republic of China, Country India, Country, Country, Lion City, Country of Cezanne And Parmesan,  Country Kangaroo, England, Lapland, Holland, Land of the Rising Sun, Country, Russian Federation also Fg.
 With the arrival of coronavirus in these states, financial dynamism has significantly slowed down due to the introduction of quarantine, and its concomitant anthropogenic impact on the environment has also decreased.
 Up to 2020, the increase in the number of greenhouse gases, which took place from the beginning of the industrialization period, brought to an increase in mediocre mass temperatures in Our Planet, initiating similar results, as well as the thawing of glaciers and an increase in the degree of sea-ocean.  Human work in different configurations caused the degradation of the sphere around it also threw the procedure of the 6th social extinction.
 Even down to the base of the epidemic, scientists warned that cutting back on financial activity could help reduce the global thaw, but besides, clogging the atmosphere would also be a nautical sphere.  This will allow the surrounding area to resume for a long time. An obvious positive consequence of the epidemic was the improvement in the quality of the atmosphere - due to quarantine in the streets of settlements, there were fewer cars, but the service was extended only by companies that create topical food products and services.
 This led to this, the fact that at the beginning of 2020 in China, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere decreased by one fourth, in comparison with a similar stage of the past year.  The use of coal in 6 of the largest power plants in the state because of this, after all, the gap was reduced by 40%.
 Combined emissions from industrial activities, manufacturing and construction make up 18.4% of the mass anthropogenic emissions.  The economic decline of 2008-2009 led to a single reduction in emissions of 1.3%, in 2020 - this coefficient will be approximately 0.3%.


SJ Mentor

  • SJ Mentor says :
    Hello Ilona
    It's your SJ mentor.

    Thank you for sharing your valuable report regarding the impact of the pandemic in terms of environment.
    As you mentioned there were pros and cons due to quarantine.
    The carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere was lessened as 1/4 but as just after in 2008, Lehman Brothers collapse it is predicted as the amount exhaust gas will rise steeply after the pandemic.
    We should change our industry to greener one, pursuing zero emission society.
    Hope things are fine with you.
    Green cheers!

    Best regards,
    SJ mentor.
    Posted 30-11-2020 06:06

Mun WooJooMentor

  • Mun WooJooMentor says :
    Hello Ilona,
    this is your mentor WooJoo.

    Warm greetings from South Korea.
    Thank you for sharing your report about the impacts of the pandemic on the environment.
    South Korea experienced increased amount of single use plastics, disposable masks, and other wastes.
    Due to scarcity of waste storage, everything is being incinerated, and therefore it is emitting huge amount of carbon gases.
    This year was a good opportunity to enhance our awareness of environmental issues and to change our lifestyle in a more ecofriendly way.
    But hopefully the pandemic is over soon.

    Keep sharing


    Posted 17-11-2020 16:42

Paras Kunwar

  • Paras Kunwar says :

    Hello ,
    Greetings and namaste form Nepal
    Thank you for sharing your report.

    Keep sharing reports,
    keep writing
    We are looking forward to know more from you.

    Paras Kunwar
    Posted 16-11-2020 12:22


  • ALOK DHAKAL says :
    Hi Ilona,
    Yes COVID 19 have created a positive as negative impact on environment. Carelessly dumping of mask is major concern. I enjoyed reading your report.
    Keep sharing with us.
    Alok Dhakal
    Posted 12-11-2020 22:41

Shobha Pokhrel

  • Shobha Pokhrel says :
    hello iLONA

    thank you so much for report

    keep sharing
    warm regards ,

    Posted 12-11-2020 20:47

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