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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] Rickshaws [Thematic Report]

by Mahsinur Rahman | 21-11-2020 02:05 Comments 2 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

I chose Rickshaw as my focus of this month’s report as they are integral to any Bangladeshi’s life. Moreover, they are ecofriendly and provides job for almost 4 Million people. I think more people should learn about Rickshaws.

Rickshaw one of the principle means of transport in the urban areas of Bangladesh. With the improvement of road communication throughout the country, rickshaw has now found its way into rural areas as well. As a mode of transport rickshaw was first introduced in Japan in the early twentieth century. This mode of transport became particularly popular there due to the Second World War situation, which made petrol and motorized transport scarce and expensive. Japan, however, had soon replaced rickshaw, nintaku in Japanese, with motorized vehicles and by the 1950s the cycle rickshaw had disappeared from Japan.

Unlike in all Southeast Asian countries, rickshaws in Bangladesh have a lasting foothold. It has established itself with a dominance unmatched by other modes of transport. The predominance of rickshaw as a transport is evidenced by the fact that the percentage-wise traffic composition in Dhaka, Sylhet, Comilla and Rangpur cities are 49%, 78%, 80% and 55% respectively.

Fifty percent of the value added in transport sector is being contributed by rickshaws and the mode of transport provides employment and living to people engaged not only as the pullers directly but also as its manufacturers of its mainframe, the body with seat and hoods and its spare parts. A great number of people depends for the living on the decoration of rickshaw body, artwork on it and rickshaw garages

Battery Rickshaws


SJ Mentor

  • SJ Mentor says :
    Hello Mahsinur!
    It's your SJ mentor.

    Thank you for sharing your thematic report regarding Rickshaw.
    I have heard that rickshaw is a kind of tricycle.
    It is surprising that rickshaw is dominant transportation in Bangladeshi.
    I wonder how far it could go over the street.
    To extend the distance and lessen human labor how about adopting batteries and electric motors to help foothold pedal?
    Hope things are fine with you.

    Best regards,
    SJ mentor.
    Posted 30-11-2020 15:31

Mun WooJooMentor

  • Mun WooJooMentor says :
    Hello Mahsinur,
    this is your mentor WooJoo.

    Warm greetings from South Korea.
    Thank you for sharing the eco-friendly mobility of your country!
    The ornament of the Rickshaw looks beautiful!
    In South Korea, this type of mobility is not very commonly used, but the other day I saw one of it, and it looked quite nice.
    I agree that it can provide people jobs, and reduce air pollution.
    I wish I could have an opportunity to ride it too someday!

    Keep sharing


    Posted 27-11-2020 18:36

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