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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] Thematic Report: Eco Friendly Hybrid Car

by Sandhya Adhikari | 26-11-2020 01:16 Comments 2 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

The hunt for new smarter ways to inhance our development has always been a key driver of technological advancement. But in the modern context, where our civilization is facing a new unprecedented challenge, so in that sense technology can play a crucial role in decoupling development and environmental degradation. Technology changes the way we live, work, relate to one another and to the external world. Thus the battle of technology can't be underestimated. Technology itself is not a good or bad, it has both pros and cons, has both positive as well negative aspect, result is as per the use by humans. Environment degradation is threat where the advent of new technology has the potential to transfer environmental protection.

Everyone of us might have been familiar to most important and popular technology that is Green Technology as some of some people are still unknown and the term is newest to them. Green tech also called as renewable energy which has been used around thousand of years. During the early 7000 years ago wind was used to carry ships over water by the Egyptians. In past primary sources were human labor, animal labor, water power, wind and firewood. In 1800's wind turbines were used for irrigation, in 1830's in a book written by John Etzler who talked about the city run by wind, tidal and solar power. See how amazing it is that the people back of the past are already feared about running out of fossil fuels, so they wanted to go for more renewable technology. Today we are so dependent on the fossil fuel that our life seems to be impossible task to switch over any other alternative energies. Some examples of the green technology are wind power, solar, Geothermal, hydropower etc.

Technology can have both positive and negative impact on the environment, it is based on the way we use it. Smart technology will consequently assists in reducing all the ecological imbalance, wastes, pollution etc. Let me discuss and talk about one of the eco friendly technology. The lifestyle of the people across the globe is changing they want to live a sophisticated life, with a luxury. Living with such a life they intentionally and unintentionally increase their negative footprint on the environment. The use of fossil fuel is increasing due to which the atmosphere is also on threat of pollution. As the climate change continue to drive more urgency with people across the globe the popularity of Hybrid car is increasing and demanding. Hybrid cars are those car which consume less fuel and emit less carbondioxide than a conventional petrol or diesel engine vehicles. The green vehicle/ hybrid car/ clean eco friendly vehicle has less impact on the environment, they are powered by alternative fuels and advanced vehicles technologies includes hybrid electric vehicles, plug in hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, compressed air vehicles, hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles, neat ethanol vehicles, flexible fuel vehicles, natural gas vehicles, clean diesel vehicles. Increasing fuel economy is the most cost effective way to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emission. These vehicles also reduce air pollution, GHG emission, contribute energy independency by reducing oil imports.

Thus, vehicle emission contribute to the increasing concentration of gases to climate change as conventional vehicles emits carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide. Out of the total GHG emission from transport over 85% are due to carbondioxide emitted from road vehicles. Thus use of hybrid car be an alternative to modern vehicles for reducing carbondioxide and enhancing energy independently.


SJ Mentor

  • SJ Mentor says :
    Hello Sandhya!
    It's your SJ mentor.

    Thank you for sharing your thematic report concerning eco-friendly car.
    Technology could affect human lives beneficially but also negatively.
    We should strive to apply technology as greener ways.
    Road vehicles are emitting a lot of greenhouse gas when moving.
    When we replace to greener ones, we could reduce GHG and collect carbon dioxides then make valuable products.
    I think we should empathize with the need to supply eco-friendly mobilites.
    Hope things are fine with you.

    Best regards,
    SJ mentor.
    Posted 07-12-2020 08:06

Mun WooJooMentor

  • Mun WooJooMentor says :
    Hello Sandhya,
    this is your mentor WooJoo.

    Warm greetings from South Korea.
    Thank you for sharing your report about hybrid car.
    With the technology, we have badly destroyed the environment,
    but now it is helping us to revive the environment.
    Eco-friendly mobility is one of them, so we have to make sure
    that every day more and more people make use of it.
    Hybrid cars are considered eco-friendly, but it still emits greenhouse gases.
    There needs more development so that it can accomplish real zero-emission.

    Keep sharing

    Posted 01-12-2020 01:39

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