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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] CALL FOR ARTICLES

by Meena Pandey | 22-07-2021 12:59 Comments 3 recommendations 0

**Call for piece of writing**

Hello Everyone, As we know that I have released an online magazine. So, I request everyone to contribute with their writing to next issue to be relesed on August.

Eco-hub is a bi-monthly e-magazine where creations of people belonging to all age groups are entertained. I would like to make a kind reminder to you for submission of writings related to environment and global environmental issues to get featured in the upcoming issue of the magazine.

Deadline: 20 August, 2021: 11:59 PM (NPT)

If any queries please mail us at meena.eco25@gmail.com, tunzaeconepal@gmail.com,

Prevision issue link: https://tinyurl.com/ecohubmag

About eco hub: Eco-hub is a bimonthly magazine in which  we have writings related to the global environmental issue and any approach for the upliftment of the contemporary environmental issue.I prepared this e-magazine to provide the succinct action of the Ecogeneration ambassador, ecogeneration members and eco –warrior to the nature lover. The magazine helps the eco enthusiast about the way to fight for the mother earth.

For all those who are waiting for the ‘GREEN CHAT SERIES’, I would like to notify everyone that the process of preparing and editing the interviews taken  with experts is ongoing. I probably thik you have to wait till next term as my examination schedule are out and cannot make it possible. I have given my time to finish other eco generation projects which I have initiated.





Yuseon Mentor

  • Yuseon Mentor says :
    Hi Meena,

    This is your mentor Yuseon:D

    Wow the poster looks so tempting. "Opportunity is calling"
    This seems to be a simple but great quote to use regarding our environment.
    We should do something while we still can!
    Anyway congrats on releasing an online magazine. Hope many other ambassadors in Tunza
    could participate in your good deeds!

    Great work:)
    Posted 31-07-2021 23:46

Bindu Dhakal

Debbie Mentor

  • Debbie Mentor says :
    Hi Meena,

    This is your mentor Debbie. :)
    I hope you can get a bunch of submissions for the writings for Eco Hub! I think it's great that you are not restricting the submissions to writings. Instead you are trying to receive arts, poems and other forms that can be written on an online magazine. Best of luck on the next issue as well! :)

    Green Cheers,
    Posted 26-07-2021 01:35

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