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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] Summary of Lets share your concept of Zero Waste lifestyle Campaign

by Meena Pandey | 29-07-2021 15:57 Comments 2 recommendations 0

Hello everyone!

I conducted a program entitled Lets share your concept of Zero Waste lifestyle. Here I present to you a summary of the program. As we are at the end of tenure of 26th ambassadorship, I plan to conclude this campaign. A small act of change can be the way to a big revolution. So, I requested everyone through poster notice to share one or multiple zero-waste lifestyles. 

I also kept an example in the post so that the people are more clear on the campaign. I kept a reusable water bottle and refilled it as an example. This kind of small act can save thousands of plastic bottles from being thrown away resulting in pollution. Another example of zero waste was well-draining of excess kitchen water to the kitchen garden field. 


Individuals were directed to send photos to my email address email to Meena.eco25@gmail.com; tunzaeconepal@gmail.com


I am glad to share with you all that the program, campaign was a grand success. We received a huge number of participants. I made a poster of each participant and posted with their lifestyle of zero waste. I too provided them with a digital certificate of appreciation for their encouragement. Making posters for each of them and making digital certificates was really a big task and time consuming. 

I hope this summary report will be valuable to the ones who were not following our page: Tunza Eco Network, Nepal and not aware of the campaign.

Here is the link of the zero waste lifestyle sent by participants: You can click to access the zerowaste lifestyle followed by them.

  1. Mrs. Sumitra Ramtel: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1915396025279080/

  2. Ms. Neha Sah: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1916187375199945/

  3. Mr. Jay Chaurasia is sharing his style of zero waste. : https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1917096685109014/

  4. Ms. Shobha Pokhrel is sharing her style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1918413284977354/

  5. Mr. Kaushal Niraula is sharing his style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1918689638283052/

  6. Mr. Bishnu Prasad Guragain is sharing his style of zero waste: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1919501048201911/

  7. Ms. Gresha Suwal is sharing her style of zero waste.https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1920667324751950/

  8. Mr. Pranav Gaba is sharing his style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1921481024670580/

  9. Mr. Madhusudan Gaha Magar is sharing his style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1921482584670424/

  10. Ms. Nesmika Regmi is sharing his style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1922019451283404/

  11. Mr. Manoj Shrestha and Mr. Nischal Kafle are sharing their style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/videos/582840462686010/

  12. Ms. Sharmila Pandey is sharing her style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1922912524527430/

  13. Ms. Heemani Singh Rajput is sharing her style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1923901154428567/

  14. Ms. Sonika Pariyar is sharing her style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1923944521090897/

  15. Ms. Alisha Maharjan is sharing her style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1924500974368585/

  16. Mr. Prashiddha Ghimire is sharing his style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1925042824314400/

  17. Ms. Roshani Shah is sharing her style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1925054657646550/

  18. Ms. Bandana Dhakal is sharing her style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1925066230978726/

  19. Ms. Shrisha Pandey is sharing her style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1925133850971964/

  20. Mr. Nabin Thapa is sharing his style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1925154190969930/

  21. Ms. Ankita Rijal is sharing her style of zero waste.https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1926714634147219/

  22. Mr. Sandeep Nagarkoti is sharing his style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1926767470808602/

  23. Ms. Jyoti Lamichhane is sharing her style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1927712700714079/

  24. Ms. Gayatri Kalauni is sharing her style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1927724994046183/

  25. Ms. Prakriti Chataut is sharing her style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1927737047378311/

  26. Ms. Prashamsha Dhakal is sharing her style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1930816583737024/

  27. Ms. Samikshya Acharya is sharing her style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1930828030402546/

  28. Sameer Koirala is sharing his style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1930839437068072/

  29. Shesh Narayan Kahar is sharing his style of zero waste.: https://www.facebook.com/Tunzaeconetwork/photos/a.553565904795439/1945589578926391/

Now it's time for me to share with you all the zero waste lifestyle, Please have a look at the thematic report I have posted:


I have attached some of the pictures received from participants that will definitely give you an idea for sure.

Thank You!

sd sd sd ds sd


Yuseon Mentor

  • Yuseon Mentor says :
    Hi Meena,

    This is your mentor Yuseon:D

    Wow you have conducted yet another successful and meaningful event
    here in the Tunza platform. Thanks for sharing all the links of the ambassadors
    who have participated in discussing zero waste. As it is difficult to perfectly cut
    out everything in the process of our lives, we always have a way to reuse them,
    or make them perfectly composable.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 10-08-2021 23:55

Debbie Mentor

  • Debbie Mentor says :
    Dear Asmita,

    This is your mentor Debbie. :)
    It's great you had so many participants in the campaign. I can see that a lot of people are participating in zero waste already. I also understand that creating each certificate and posters must have been difficult but look at the results! It's so worth it :D Great job.

    Posted 02-08-2021 00:49

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