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Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] [Free Report] Urban Ecology

by Dalima Thapa | 15-08-2021 15:34 Comments 3 recommendations 0

What is urban ecology?
Urban ecology is the study of ecosystems that include human living in cities and urbanizing landscapes. The urban environment refers to environments dominated by high-density residential and commercial buildings, paved surfaces. Interdisciplinary field that aims to understand how human and ecological processes can coexist in human-dominated systems and help societies with their efforts to become more sustainable.
The study of urban ecology carries increasing importance because more than 50% of the world's population today lives in urban areas.

Urban Effects on Environment:-
Urban people change their environment through their consumption of food, energy, water, and land. Humans are the driving force behind urban ecology and influence the environment in a variety of ways such as modifying land surfaces and waterways, introducing foreign species, and altering biogeochemical cycles. Other effects can be more gradual such as the change in global climate due to urbanization, modification of land and waterways. Expanding cities and sub-urban areas necessitate corresponding deforestation to meet the land-use and resource requirements of urbanization. Modification can come in the form of dams, artificial canals, and even the reversal of rivers. Trade, shipping, and spread of invasive species. Both local shipping and long-distance trade are required to meet the resource demands important in maintaining urban areas. Carbon dioxide emissions from the transport of goods also contribute to accumulating greenhouse gases and nutrient deposits in the soil and air of urban environment.

Urban sustainability :- Most people worldwide live in cities and towns and their numbers continue to increase. Cities and towns offer an attractive living environment for the majority of people.
Some strategies to make urban sustainable:- *Urban Gardening: instead of depending fully on grocery stores (and the high prices of organic fruits and veggies), urbanites can resort to their own methods of producing local food. Through urban gardening, locals get fresh produce and access to high-quality fruits and vegetables at an affordable price.
*Food Forests: forests that are created specifically to produce food called Food Forests. Food forests are an effective way of turning under-used land into self-sufficient, sustainable ecosystems. 
*Sustainable landscapes and Buildings: decrease impervious pavement areas. Implementing sustainable storm water techniques. Planting or preserving vegetation will all help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from urban areas. Energy-efficient building technologies including green or cool roofs can help mitigate building emissions such as buildings to maximize passive heating / cooling. Communities should also move toward energy conservation. Non-oil and coal based alternatives, such as solar, wind, thermal, and biomass, which can reduce dependency on non-renewable resources, minimize air, water, and thermal pollution.


Debbie Mentor

  • Debbie Mentor says :
    Dear Dalima,

    This is your mentor Debbie. :)
    Out of some great concept and ideas you mentioned, the idea of 'food forest' really caught my eyes. I think food forests is a great way to utilize less effectively used land. Thanks for sharing about key issues about our urban ecology.

    Green Cheers! :D
    Posted 22-08-2021 22:53

Yuseon Mentor

  • Yuseon Mentor says :
    Dear Dalima,

    This is your mentor Yuseon :D
    A fresh observation focusing on urban ecology!
    If geographies differ, we get to confront different environmental issues and consequentially different measures to solve them. I also admired the part where you introduced new concepts such as Urban Gardening and Food Forests.

    Well done with the informative report!
    Posted 21-08-2021 17:39


    Thanks For Sharing.
    In My Opinion, Creating Green Corridors In The Cities Is Very Important
    Posted 15-08-2021 16:10

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