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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] Food and Water Insecurity

by Pragati Dubey | 23-08-2021 16:40 Comments 8 recommendations 0

Food and Water Insecurity

Rising temperatures and unsustainable farming practices has resulted in the increasing threat of water and food insecurity. 

Globally, more than 68 billion tonnes of top-soil is eroded every year at a rate 100 times faster than it can naturally be replenished. Laden with biocides and fertiliser, the soil ends up in waterways where it contaminates drinking water and protected areas downstream. 

Furthermore, exposed and lifeless soil is more vulnerable to wind and water erosion due to lack of root and mycelium systems that hold it together. A key contributor to soil erosion is over-tilling: although it increases productivity in the short-term by mixing in surface nutrients (e.g. fertiliser), tilling is physically destructive to the soil’s structure and in the long-term leads to soil compaction, loss of fertility and surface crust formation that worsens topsoil erosion.

With the global population expected to reach 9 billion people by mid-century, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) projects that global food demand may increase by 70% by 2050. Around the world, more than 820 million people do not get enough to eat. 

The UN secretary-general António Guterres says, “Unless immediate action is taken, it is increasingly clear that there is an impending global food security emergency that could have long term impacts on hundreds of millions of adults and children.” He urged for countries to rethink their food systems and encouraged more sustainable farming practices. 

In terms of water security, only 3% of the world’s water is fresh water, and two-thirds of that is tucked away in frozen glaciers or otherwise unavailable for our use.

As a result, some 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water, and a total of 2.7 billion find water scarce for at least one month of the year. By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. 

While these are some of the biggest environmental problems plaguing our planet, there are many more that have not been mentioned, including overfishing, urban sprawl, toxic superfund sites and land use changes. While there are many facets that need to be considered in formulating a response to the crisis, they must be coordinated, practical and far-reaching enough to make enough of a difference. 
Source: earth.org
Source: https://www.concernusa.org/story/worlds-hungriest-countries/


Debbie Mentor

  • Debbie Mentor says :
    Hi Pragati,

    This is your mentor Debbie. :)
    Personally I feel really sad that even to this day where autonomous driving is possible and many are making use of top-tier technology, we still have people with little access to water, which is something we need to keep on living. Thanks for bringing up this fundamental issue and I hope the more we discuss about it the more we can do to improve the standards! :D

    Posted 31-08-2021 23:04

Yuseon Mentor

  • Yuseon Mentor says :
    Hi Pragati,

    This is your mentor Yuseon:D

    Thanks for bringing awareness to the problem regarding food and water famine.
    This seems like a distant issue that is unlikely to happen, but as the population
    keeps on growing and fresh water is getting consumed, this is something that
    should not be overlooked anymore. Even with improved water filters, we should
    still try to save as much water as we can, even for agricultural usages.

    Thanks for sharing this report!
    Posted 27-08-2021 21:17

Sandhya Adhikari

  • Sandhya Adhikari says :
    Hello Pragati,
    I do hope you are fine there and doing great with your works,
    Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article on Food and Water Insecurity,
    Nepal is also facing this menace since a long, There is still some places in Nepal who are compelled to take unsafe and polluted water,

    Keep writing,

    We are eager to read much more from You,

    Posted 26-08-2021 13:33

Sagar  Koirala

  • Sagar Koirala says :
    Hello Pragati,
    Green Cheers from Nepal

    Food Insecurity is one of the burning issue of the globe. We need to take constructive measures to eradicate food insecurity. Keep Writing.

    Posted 25-08-2021 21:41

Pragati Dubey

Justice Obiri

  • Justice Obiri says :
    Hmm, when I read about food and water insecurity I personally turn to look down on Africa but honestly speaking, some Asian and Continents are also suffering from this menace.. Our efforts may liberate us from such menace. Thanks for this piece.
    Posted 25-08-2021 11:09

Pragati Dubey

Afsana Masud

  • Afsana Masud says :
    Thanks for your report.

    Best wishes,
    Posted 23-08-2021 21:54

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