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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] Zero Waste in Latin America

by Daniel Puente | 06-09-2021 09:56 Comments 4 recommendations 0

Latin America

Hello everyone, without a doubt this Zero-Waste issue, is a topic that encompasses several factors that will aim at a better development of this world. According to Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA), the definition of Zero waste is "The conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging, and materials without burning and with no discharges to land, water, or air that threaten the environment or human health". Undoubtedly, this Zero Waste issue can reach Latin America in a very particular way.

In my country, Mexico is a country with great natural resources, but with a great lack of education. The idiosyncrasy in Mexico is enormous. Thanks to the great natural resources that Mexico has, several things can be achieved. Among them, the nopal and the avocado, these two millenary Mexican products, in the history of my country these 2 foods have been witness of several pre-Hispanic cultures, in fact in the Mexican flag you can see the nopal and above it is an eagle and the avocado's name comes from the Mayan. The avocado seed can be used to create a biodegradable plastic that can decompose in 240 days in a suitable environment. The plastic we use decomposes in an interval of 500 years. On the cactus side, a compound based on mucilage (the viscous substance of the cactus) has been developed, and it takes three months to disintegrate. 

Including these products will make a difference in the way we consume and recycle, being these biodegradable plastics from Mexican products, it will generate more awareness and the perception will be good by the market. This model can be applied throughout Latin America due to the similarities that exist.  In this part of perception by the Mexican and Latin American market, it will change the way of consuming in a greener way. This is an easy way to make people to be greener, since ignorance is great, due to different factors such as poverty, politics among others, this ignorance is the cancer that in Latin America does not advance.

Daniel Puente - 27th Eco Generation Regional Ambassador to México -


Rafael Luna Reyes

  • Rafael Luna Reyes says :
    I am from Mexico and did not know that, I am impressed!

    It is very nice to read the reports of another ambassador from Mexico, nice to meet you Daniel!
    Posted 11-09-2021 09:30

Joon Mentor

  • Joon Mentor says :
    Hello Daniel,
    this is your mentor Joon.

    Nice to hear some local stories. I can empathize with it as
    I once lived in Mexico, and very familiar with Nopal and Avocado.
    I remember the time in Mexican market MEGA, yes that one with pelican on its logo,
    that there was a person putting everything I bought inside the plastic bag
    without any extra charge. Though it was really comfortable, I didn't really
    feel good as I was using too much plastics. Later, I found out that
    those bags were bio-degradable and witnessed the bags began to dissolve after some
    months, but did not know what it was made of. Through your article, I got
    to figure out my ever-long question in my mind.

    Thank you, and let's keep on going.


    Posted 07-09-2021 15:52

Daniel Puente

  • Daniel Puente says :
    You are welcome Gokce,
    Posted 07-09-2021 08:38

Gokce Nur AYAZ

  • Gokce Nur AYAZ says :
    I didn't know about the avocado seed! , thanks for sharing this :)
    Posted 06-09-2021 16:09

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