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Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] Thematic report : Yong-gi-nae challenge

by Seyi Jang | 06-09-2021 19:44 Comments 5 recommendations 0

I want to introduce a zero waste challenge that has been viral in South Korea and made environmental issue resurface. But before we go any further, I want you to remember these two words : courage and container. Why? Because both of them can be translated as Yong-gi in Korean, which is the main theme of today. Yong-gi-nae challenge is all about bringing containers from home when going to a restaurant instead of delivering at home. This helps to reduce the use of plastics when packaging the food. 
It became viral after an Instagram post of JunYeol Ryu, an actor and an environmental activist, who emphasized the need of reducing the use of plastic during the food packaging process. His post triggered many people to pay attention to the amount of plastic bags and wraps used in food packaging. People could feel the issue on their skin more than ever because of the surge of delivery market as the time spent at home increased due to COVID-19. More and more awareness to this problem brought out different kinds of zero-waste actions, including Yong-gi-nae challenge. People slowly brought container from home and filled it with delicious cuisine from chicken to noodle. When going to the supermarket, people brought bags with them so that they can put vegetables or fruits instead of using plastic bags or wraps. These small but meaningful actions were spread by SNS and many people shared their experience on zero waste with a hashtag #Yong-gi-nae.

 This action needs bravery as you have to ask the cook or the owner of the restaurant to pack the food with the container that you have brought. It is indeed awkward when the owner refuses it or when you didn't bring the container with enough space to put the food. But most of the time the restaurant owners love the idea, not only because they can reduce the cost of packaging materials, but also because they can participate in saving the planet. Once you accomplish the action, you will feel proud of yourself and the food will taste more delicious than usual for you because of your extra effort to make the earth green. 

Here are some tips for accomplishing the challenge successfully. First, start from the easiest menu that you can easily try, maybe going to a nearby café and buy drink with your own bottle. Then slowly you can try other food : sandwich, rice, noodle and etc. Secondly, when you choose the container, always take an extra container with you or choose a bit bigger container than you need to just in case. Nextly, if you want to bring hot cuisine with you, it's better to use the glass containers as it would be more portable than others. Last but not least, make it your life-time habit for greener earth. 

 Yong-gi-nae challenge changed my life so much, I hope this challenge can make your daily life greener as well!!

photo credit to wikipedia


Rafael Luna Reyes

  • Rafael Luna Reyes says :
    What an awesome challenge!
    We should make this a lifestyle so we can help the planet :D
    Posted 11-09-2021 09:36

Hannah Mentor

  • Hannah Mentor says :
    Hello Seyi, this is your mentor Hannah.

    Wow, you're a Tunza ambassador and 꿈?? reporter at the same time! Very great.
    I also saw #yong-gi-nae in Ryu jun-yeol's instagram, but didn't have the courage to act it out. I respect you for actually doing it, and giving us tips how to join this challenge.

    Thank you for your inspiring article and please keep up with great work.


    Posted 08-09-2021 16:08

Joon Mentor

  • Joon Mentor says :
    Hello Seyi,
    this is your mentor Joon.

    Though I am Korean, I have never heard of the challenge!
    Probably because I am ASSA, just joking, but it is interesting to
    hear there was such challenge going viral among people.
    Maybe I should investigate more about the challenge and
    get a chance to participate, and spread it to my friends!

    I also liked the wordplay yong-gi-nae(??????) and want to know
    who came up with such original naming.

    Well read, and let's keep up


    Posted 07-09-2021 16:01

Daniel Puente

  • Daniel Puente says :
    Wow! Thanks Seyi Jang, this is fascinating, now I am following JunYeol Ryu (ryusdb) on INSTA hahahaha.
    Greetings from Mexico.
    Posted 07-09-2021 10:10

Gokce Nur AYAZ

  • Gokce Nur AYAZ says :
    This is great! Thank you for sharing :)
    Posted 06-09-2021 20:35

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