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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] [Thematic Report] Zero Waste

by Nadir Huseynov | 21-09-2021 00:30 Comments 4 recommendations 0

One of the things we know for sure is that we use more materials and make new everyday objects at a faster pace than ever before, instead of reusing or capitalizing on them.
As a result, we face many challenges, such as air, water and soil pollution, landfill saturation and depletion of raw materials.
The Zero Waste concept aims to ensure that no waste reaches the landfill and the reuse of materials we already have in circulation to produce new objects we need.
The consumer's top priorities should be avoidance of packaging waste generation, followed by, reuse of packaging left over from consumption, and as a last resort should, we resort to recycling.
The degree of recycling in Romania at the moment is at alarming levels. At national level, only 14% of the waste generated is recycled, and in the capital of the 11.1 million tons of waste, only 9% is recycled.Zero Waste is a concept with the main purpose of waste disposal.It is an initiative to encourage individuals and businesses to stop all valuable resources going to landfills / landfills or incinerators by finding ways to keep them in circulation.
In order for this concept - Zero Waste - to be widely realized, it must be adopted both in the industrial production phase and by consumers. Manufacturers need to rethink procedures, products and packaging in order to recover used materials instead of raw materials. On the other hand, consumers need to make a change and buy organic, "green" products and reduce their consumption.A large part of consumer products come packaged in plastic, plastic a material that has a life of hundreds of years once sent to the landfill.
In order to reduce plastic pollution that affects the entire ecosystem, it is advisable to avoid buying it from the shelf. Thus, the July without Plastic movement, an international movement that gathers 250 million participants annually from 177 countries, aims to avoid the generation of plastic waste throughout the month.
Zero Waste


Hannah Mentor

  • Hannah Mentor says :
    Hello Nadir, this is your mentor Hannah.
    Great report on zero waste.
    It was new to know that Romania's recycling portion is 11%, which I think is quite low.
    I also searched the recycling ratio of Korea; Found out 80% is recycled in 2017, but the experts say in reality the portion is lower.
    Thank you for your great article and please keep up with your wonderful work :)
    Posted 24-09-2021 17:06

Joon Mentor

  • Joon Mentor says :
    Hello Nadir,
    this is your mentor Joon.

    Yes, in order to go completely Zero Waste, we need to raise awareness to
    both industries and people. If only industries are aware of topic of Zero Waste,
    they would not change their way unless they have strong understanding that
    going Zero waste would benefit themselves. It is better situation if only
    people are aware of the concept as they can always ask the industry to make
    such products. The best is both Industry and people are aware of the issue,
    they try to make the process and result as eco-friendly as possible following
    5-R rule that I have mentioned in the mentor article.

    Thank you for the article.


    Posted 23-09-2021 23:11

Pranav Gaba

  • Pranav Gaba says :
    Thanks for sharing!
    Posted 21-09-2021 14:59

Prince Foley

  • Prince Foley says :
    Thank you for sharing this Nadir
    Posted 21-09-2021 04:09

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