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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] (Thematic Report) Zero Waste

by Paola Guevara | 27-09-2021 09:47 Comments 1 recommendations 0

Zero Waste

 What is it? A movement that conforms to create principles to reuse products so that they do not become garbage or waste and to decompose organic matter to have natural compost. 
This discipline emphasizes the reduction and reuse of plastic since plastic is one of the priorities polluting agents on the planet.
The first to use the term "Zero waste" applied to the environment was Paul Palmer. A chemist founded the first company called Zero waste Systems INC (ZWS ) , in the mid-1970s in Oakland, California. 
The consequence of the culture of "throwaway" and the excessive consumerism of the current society in which we live, day after day has brought harm to the world such as climate change, the beginning of the extinction of species, creating islands of plastic in the oceans. 
According to a World Bank report, the world's cities generated 2,010 million tons of solid waste in 2016, specialists predict that the amount will increase by 70% to reach 3,400 million tons in 2050. 
Bea Johnson , one of the driving forces behind the "Zero Waste" movement, recommends that we reject everything we don't need and practice responsible consumption, such as: stop using plastic bags and start using cloth bags. 

In Latin America: 
According to the UN, a third of the waste in Latin America and the Caribbean ends up in open dumps, polluting as it passes: soil, water, air, and the health of the inhabitants. They produce 540 thousand tons per day and household solid waste (RSD ) and predict that in the year 2050 the production of waste will increase by at least 25%.In addition, in Latin America and the Caribbean, it takes advantage of 10% of all its polluting waste. 

With all the aforementioned, it is recommended and advisable to incite the population with a culture of environmental care, teaching present and future generations to carry out Zero Waste and the countries to create an environmental policy on the use of waste.

Research sources:(https://www.unep.org/es/noticias-y-reportajes/comunicado-de-prensa/un-tercio-de-los-residuos-de-america-latina-y-el-caribe)(https://www.bancomundial.org/es/news/press-release/2018/09/20/global-waste-to-grow-by-70-percent-by-2050-unless-urgent-action-is-taken-world-bank-report)(https://zerowasterepublic.com/the-zero-waste-movement/)

-Paola :)
Zero Waste vs Open Dumps


Joon Mentor

  • Joon Mentor says :
    Hello Paola, this is your mentor Joon!

    It is crucial to know the statistics of your own region as it can directly
    tell you how serious the problem is. Once you figure out the seriousness,
    you might be willing to spread the idea of eco-friendly movements.
    Zero waste is being spread that way. After people start to realize
    how bad situation we are currently placed in, they started to find the
    way to slow down the deterioration until we can find the solution to it.
    Zero waste movement can be a way to slow it down. Hope much more
    people participate and share the idea so that it can be a solution, not just
    a way to slow it down.

    Well read your article.


    Posted 28-09-2021 20:46

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