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Climate Change

Climate Change

[Climate Change] What happens when climate change occurs? (1)

by Eco Generation | 13-05-2013 11:31 Comments 24 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

What happens when climate change occurs? (1)

Climate change results serious changes in climate pattern and natural disaster.


People normally think climate change or global warming makes summer hotter, winter longer, and increasing sea level. However, climate change brings much more severe changes in more aspects of life and makes direct effect in our lives. 

I will explain few reports and explain what kind of predictions that scientists are making on the effect of climate change on the climate pattern.

[Column] 2-(1) What happens when climate changes?_Lee Oh-Keum_03  

Link : http://centralcontent.fco.gov.uk/central-content/campaigns/act-on-copenhagen/resources/en/pdf/4-degrees-en

The first scientific report that I am going to explain on is a map that shows what would happen if average temperature of the Earth is increased more than 4 ?  that was prepared by Hadley Center of English Meteorological Administration Agency and Tyndall Centre, which is a government research facility of climate change, by a request of English government. This map analyzed what would happen throughout the world if average temperature of Earth was increased by 4?.

When you look at the map, orange gets darker closer to the high latitude, and this is a representation of increasing temperature. It shows how temperature of high latitude can increase up to 16 ?  when temperature in tropic regions increase by 4-5 ? . The sea temperature increases by 2 ?  near the equator, and temperatures rise more significantly closer to the high latitude. Because the temperature rising is taking place in high latitude regions more significantly, the thawing of permafrost and glacier, where 'the feedback of quantity' phenomenon will take place, is occurring more rapidly.

There are sections on the map that are marked with different colored circles, and they are the indications that marked effects of ecosystem, drinking water, and rising sea levels. For example, when average temperature increases by 4 ? , temperature in Korea will rise by 5-6 ? , rice production will decrease by 30%, up to 80cm of sea level will increase, and tropical nights phenomenon will increase.

The second report is made in late November by the Meteorological Administration of Korea, and is called 'new aspects of climate change.' This report shows how climate change in Korea is far worse than expected. To give few examples, it was predicted that the changes that took place during the past 100 years will speed up drastically in next decade, and compare to the past 40 years, the speed of increasing temperature will be at least 4 times faster.

The range of increased average temperature for past 40 years was 1.4, but it is expected to increase at least 1.5 degree more within 10 years, and will increase by 3.7 degrees than the current temperature in 2050. Winter will be shortened by 27 days and summer will be longer by 19 days. It means winter will be 2 months and 2 weeks and summer will last for 4 months in 2050. It is predicted that the sea level will be 27cm, about 3 times higher than the current forecast of 9.5cm, and annual average precipitation is also predicted to increase by 15.6% in 2050. Extreme meteorological phenomena, such as heat wave, tropical night, and localized heavy rain expected to increase drastically.

Lastly, International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of November 18th of this year made scientific verification that natural disaster will increase due to the climatic change by announcing "Summary of Risk Management on Extreme Phenomena and Disaster." This report clearly identified that extreme climate, influence, vulnerability, and damage by climate change may vary depending on the regions, but rising high temperature, localized heavy rain, sea level, and droughts in southern Europe and western Africa are evident. Also, this report analyzed that there is 90% chance of increased heat wave throughout the world and the possibility of localized heavy rain is over 66%(source: Meteorological Administration)

As said, weather forecasting data based on science shows that the climate change is getting more intense, will proceed more rapidly in the future, and will result in more severe effects. And we can feel with our own skin that these predictions are actually happening in the world.

      You probably remember how "water bomb" in Seoul brought traffic to a standstill this summer and of a landslide in Woomyeon Mountain. The area around Gwanghwamun was flooded last year and recorded a record-breaking cold wave and snowdrifts.



[Column] 2-(1) What happens when climate changes?_Lee Oh-Keum_01


[Column] 2-(1) What happens when climate changes?_Lee Oh-Keum_02


Picture: Flood in summer 2011 (Seoul)

These phenomena are not just happening in Korea. There was a disastrous flood in Thailand, Hurricane Katrina in the U.S, and the intensity and frequency of small and large climate-related disasters is increasing. 

Economic damage from these phenomena is also very tremendous. Annual average of property damage that National Emergency Management has totaled up increased more than 3 times than 1990 as it exceeded 2 trillion won. The damage by Typhoon Morakot was 3.6 trillion won and Katrina was 200 billion dollars. The amount of damage due to natural disaster is increasing. This increasing frequency and intensity of natural disaster was predicted in a report on the effect of climatic change by IPCC and other reports related to the climatic change predictions many times.



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    The impacts of climate change are threatening
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    We are just accelerating THE END.
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