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Climate Change

Climate Change

[Climate Change] [Fun Environmental Stories through Numbers] 2050 Farewell to the things we love

by Eco Generation | 17-07-2017 14:48 Comments 3 Comments recommendations 1 recommendations

2050 Farewell to the things we love Kiribati, the country in which the sun rised the earliest on Earth, will sink forever into the ocean by 2050. Venice, the 'City of Water' may nolonger be with us by 2050. The glaciers in the Austrian Alps will vanish by 2050 and 40% of the ski resorts across the entire Alps may close down. Cote d'lvoire, the largest prodecer of cacao, will no longer be able to harvest the beans by 2050. 80-90% of the world's coffee plantations are exposed to impact of climate change. The amount of coffee plantations will be halved by 2050 and wild coffee will go extinct. The production of wheat and corn will decrease up to 25% by 2050. Each 1ºC increase in temperature reduces the production of wheat by 6%. Life threatening malnutrition among children younger that 5 years of age due to food shortage is expected to reach 31% in South Africa and 61% in South Asia by 2050. All of this will happen due to climate change. What will be next to disappear? for further learning, please visit IPCC, The union of concerned scientists, the climate institute


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