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Climate Change

Climate Change

[Climate Change] [Fun Environmental Stories through Numbers] An Hour that changes the world

by Eco Generation | 24-07-2017 14:28 Comments 6 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

An hour that changes the world 1 hourthe time it takes for enough sunlight to satisfy the energy needs of the entire world for a year. 1 hourthe time it takes for a solar-powered oven to bake bread. 1 hourthe amout of time an electric fan will operate from the energy produced by 20 minutes of bicycle pedaling. 1 hourthe amouf of time a 'Gravity Light' will shine for pulling down the weight of itself twice. 1 hourthe amout of time you can power a lamp by playing soccer with a special soccer ball called 'SOCCKET' for 10 minutes. 1 hourenough time to get to know the people who think of ways to live happy lives with less energy. The transitino town movement aims to enhance the resilience of local communities in preparation for climate change and resource delepletion. Over 862 towns are participating in the transition town movement worldwide. Where is the transition town closest to you? You 1 hour changes the world. Time to change. For further learning, please read <This changes everything> <The transitio nhandbook:from oil dependency to local resilience> <Transition Town Movement>


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    Naomi & Simon, keep up the good job!
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