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Climate Change

Climate Change

[Climate Change] [Eco-generation School Kit] Understanding Climate Change

by Eco Generation | 21-01-2014 15:01 Comments 28 Comments recommendations 1 recommendations

understanding climate change kit

About Eco-generation School Kit
Eco-generation School Kit project is a series of theme-based Environmental Education kit designed to assist Samsung Engineering's Employee volunteers and teachers around the world who will be reaching out to schools, and facilitating Environmental Education. 'Understanding
Climate Change' is the fourth in the Eco-generation School Kit series of four.
The kit has been developed keeping in mind that 'Environmental Education' is an instrument to enable participants from all ages to learn about the environmental issues, based on the two-way communication. The hands-on active learning approaches in the kit will assist in changing the perception that education is a one-way flow of information. Education when grounded in handson-learning dialogue becomes more effective, easier,instructive and successful.
'The education process becomes successful when learners head for action' (IUCN, 1998). The active learning process helps students to build capacities of critical thinking and problem solving to take positive actions towards sustainable development can be built.
It is important that the volunteer/teacher who carries out the 60-minute classroom session be enthusiastic and demonstrates commitment and personal involvement. The theme-based Eco-generation School Kit guides and supports you in this endeavor.

1. Program Plan
2. Volunteer's Handbook
    a) Introduction to Climate Change
    b) Welcome to the Eco-generation School Kit Program 
    c) Starting the Session
    d) Setting the T one—The Seasonal Challenge
    e) Power Point presentation—Climate Change
    f) Hands-on Activity—Balancing Carbon
    g) Debriefing
    h) Closing the Session
3. Slide Notes
   (See accompanying file Climate Change.pdf)
4. Factsheet for Volunteers
5. Handouts for Students
6. Feedback
    a) For Volunteers
    b) For Students



  • SANDIP PAUDEL says :
    useful till now too
    Posted 30-04-2019 02:18

Balyejusa John Hillary

  • Balyejusa John Hillary says :
    I used this material in 2017 when I started the Young Environmentalists Program in Jinja Uganda. The Program aimed at teaching children basic climate science. I took a break in 2018 and now that I will be resuming now I am revisiting this wonderful resource
    Posted 06-02-2019 19:08

Bhanubhakta Adhikari

Dibya Bhatta

  • Lemuel Hne Harris Jr says :
    Thanks for this resource. It will help in educating people about climate change in my country.
    Posted 28-07-2017 10:40

Balyejusa  John Hillary

  • Alecia Jones says :
    Thanks I can use this information at the center
    Posted 11-11-2016 12:09

Luh Putu Budiarti

  • Rama Khadka says :
    Helpful materials
    Posted 22-11-2015 05:11

  • Baek Seungah says :
    Wow.. I really appreciate it and thank you very much~!!
    Posted 29-08-2015 16:47

  • Urmila Awal says :
    It's nice. very helpful to understand abt climate change.
    Posted 17-08-2015 16:04

  • sudeep ghimire says :
    thanks tunza eco generation. its very helpful :)
    Posted 12-04-2015 18:26

  • Islamiyat Abdulkadir says :
    Thanks to Tunza. climate change is an issue of global attention recently. This a concise writeup to familiarize kids and adults alike with climate change issues
    Posted 22-11-2014 21:09

  • Christian Dy says :
    Thanks for sharing!
    Posted 03-11-2014 10:24

  • Aysha Iftikhar says :
    i am a part of an environmental group in my country.. we often go to different schools and colleges for creating awareness about environment. now i'll use this presentation as well to teach the kids of primary schools as this is well prepared to attract the kids.
    Posted 22-10-2014 00:56

  • Aysha Iftikhar says :
    the presentation is well designed specially for a layman to understand about climate change... i'll start using it by teaching my nephews and nieces at home
    Posted 22-10-2014 00:52

  • Aysha Iftikhar says :
    cool cool!! i am downloading and will read it and share...
    Posted 22-10-2014 00:45

  • Pratik Kunwar says :
    thanks Eco gen for providing the kit here. Tunza is awesome :)
    Posted 17-02-2014 21:57

  • sabin khanal says :
    climate change kit sounds intresting.. and found some intresting point too
    Posted 08-02-2014 03:13

Czarlo Demeterio

  • Czarlo Demeterio says :
    honestly, i got excited while downloading the materials. thank you Eco-gen!
    Posted 28-01-2014 21:21

Rohan Kapur

  • ervin naufal says :
    come on my friends download and read it!
    Posted 22-01-2014 14:32

  • ervin naufal says :
    thank you for the reference :)
    Posted 22-01-2014 14:31

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