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Climate Change

Climate Change

[Climate Change] [Book Review] Heat: How to Stop the Planet From Burning

by Eco Generation | 05-03-2014 09:54 Comments 4 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Title: " Heat: How to Stop the Planet From Burning " 
Author: George Monbiot 
Editorial House: Allen Lane, Penguin Press 

Summary of the content
The book begins by summarizing the state of scientific knowledge at the time of its initial publication in 2006, and how this bears on the reductions of greenhouse gas emissions required in a country to make a fair share in reducing the risk of damaging global climate change. The result appears to be a reduction of 90% by 2030. The only way to avoid further devastation due to climate change, he argues, is a 90% cut in CO2 emissions in the rich nations of the world by 2030. In other words, our response will have to be immediate, and it will have to be decisive. Well described a number of behavioral, cultural and political changes that could be made to combat the climate change. Overall, he covered a lot of different aspects and all the important ones when it comes to reducing greenhouse gases and climate change. He also had some good points that we need drastic cuts and not the weak efforts of Kyoto etc. In every case he supports his proposals with a rigorous investigation into what works, what doesn't, how much it costs, and what the problems might be. The bottom line is that unless world governments tackle this problem together, and impose and strictly enforce a lot of the ideas in this book, we're going to see a 2 degree Celsius rise in temperatures by 2030, which is enough to cause major environmental catastrophe. 

Opinion and impression
This is the best and the most important book I have ever read. This is an essential book for anyone who cares about the planet and social justice. We've got to do something about global warming. This book outlines the high carbon producing sectors of our daily lives, from industry, transportation, farming, and the costs associated with cutting CO2 emissions by 90%. I learned many interesting things in the book and have become more wary of bold claims. Monbiot's aim, is to look at each sector individually and work out how they could meet the targets with the minimal amount of change to their functioning, and by association to the functioning of the economy as a whole. 

Comment of recommendation
This book is an impressive combination of practical detail and creative thinking. It's a well-written, well-informed book. No issue today compares in importance to climate change - everything else is made irrelevant if it is not tackled. Monbiot illustrates why this is and what must be done to combat it. Well written with passion and humor. This book is worth a read. 

Recommended by Arushi Madan from U.A.E.


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