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[Essay] [World]Monthly Event for August 2014

by Eco Generation | 06-08-2014 17:28 Comments 16 recommendations 0

Monthly Event deadline extended till Sep 10


Eco-generation Saving Energy Campaign

Study Eco-generation School Kit on ENERGY and ACT!


Dear Eco-generation members,


Have you ever checked your electricity bill at home or in your school? 

Do you know how much energy you're consuming every day?


As you can see from the title of the monthly event, 

we would like to hold a campaign on Saving Energy 

so that we can spread the energy saving tips throughout our friends, family and neighbor. 

Submission deadline is August 31

How to join

This event consists of 3 missions!

All you have to do is clearing 3 missions.

3 Missions of the Monthly Event for August


1. Clear the 1st Mission

Download<link> Eco-generation School Kit on Energy and study it.

2. Clear the 2nd Mission

Invite as many people as possible and take a picture doing energy saving

e.g.) Picture of unplugging TV with your family members

     Picture of using bus with your classmates

     Picture of using electric fan instead of using air conditioner

Or any action for saving energy!


You must write a commitment paper and hold it in the picture.

The commitment should contain 'TUNZA Eco-generation' and 

the mission you chose.


My name is _______

of Tunza Eco-generation

and I #SaveEnergy

sample photo

3. Clear the 3rd Mission 

Submit the picture with brief introduction of it via application page.

<Application page link>

How to win

Winning this event is really simple.

Invite as many people as possible in the picture.

The more number of people are in the picture, the higher chance to win.

Multiple entry is available, so you can submit pictures as many as you want.

Oh! Don’t forget to hold the commitment paper!

The first place winner will receive one of the Samsung Gadgets in the image below at his/her request.

Souvenirs for Event Winner 

Once we collect all the photos of saving energy campaign from all around the world then we’ll make our campaign poster that can be easily spread by many social media channel such as facebook, twitter, pinterest and etc.

We look forward to receiving many fun and inspiring campaign pictures from you!

Thank you!

Eco-generation team


  • says :
    These monthly events are so cool, a really great idea to get members to be more engaged.
    Posted 21-11-2014 07:44

  • says :
    I'm excited to know the winner of this event! Hope to know about it soon. :)
    Posted 23-09-2014 19:49

  • says :
    I love the eco-generation school kits.. Great job and all the best to the participants :)
    Posted 11-09-2014 13:36

  • says :
    @Abhilash Just 1 person is enough :)
    Posted 28-08-2014 16:03

  • says :
    Just wanted to know if the photograph should contain all the persons with the commitment paper or can take it each individual singly.

    Waiting for the response!
    Posted 27-08-2014 16:15

  • says :
    Superb! What a way to get the community involved in saving energy.

    Love it!
    Posted 27-08-2014 12:37

  • says :
    yeh, its a great idea & event to participate:D

    Posted 26-08-2014 22:53

  • says :
    Looking forward to many fun and creative pictures :D
    Posted 22-08-2014 15:24

  • says :
    fantastic idea for saving energy, i liked it. it is simply the nice event to involve the people in the energy saving
    Posted 10-08-2014 15:10

  • says :
    exciting format!

    Posted 09-08-2014 11:41

  • says :
    ya really awesome idea for saving the energy
    Posted 08-08-2014 15:20

Dharmendra Kapri

  • says :
    Its really a splendid idea to save energy.
    Posted 06-08-2014 22:45

  • says :
    Great event! Fantastic initiative! The TUNZA Eco-Generation team is super-creative.
    I love this.
    Posted 06-08-2014 19:21

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