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[Essay] [World] Request for Eco-generation Environment Education CD

by Eco Generation | 18-09-2014 15:55 Comments 7 recommendations 0

Eco-generation Environment Education CD

Eco-generation will distribute its Environmental Education CDs for anyone who needs.

Contents: Environment education materials(experiments, games and etc.) in the Resources and Fun Land of the Eco-generation website

For who: Anyone who needs environmental education material works without internet connection

Unit: 1box=20 CDs

Application deadline: November 2, 2014

Delivery schedule:  Mid-November ~ Early December

How to apply
1) Go to the Application page<link> 

(*Please select the correct Event Title from the drop-down box)
2) Fill out the form
-The Name/Phone number/Address must be correct for the delivery
-Please fill out the Number of needed CD/ Detailed needs for the CDs
3) Submit the form by clicking the Submit button on the form

If you have any inquires, please e-mail us at ecogeneration@samsung.com

Thank you!

Eco-generation team


Taxes are imposed on goods when they are moved across a political boundary (although some free trade zones exist around the world). Although DHL Express does offer the opportunity for the sender to meet these costs at origin, some countries do not allow this type of service. In this case, the payment of Duties and Taxes are typically the responsibility of the receiver.


  • says :
    an excellent way to get youth active in environment
    Posted 17-11-2014 02:12

  • says :
    great to know
    Posted 17-11-2014 02:11

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    @ar fcb Eco-generation will cover the price of the CDs and the delivery fee. But little amount of tariff can be charged to the recipient by the local customs.
    Posted 04-11-2014 09:10

  • says :
    should we pay for it

    Posted 30-10-2014 20:02

  • says :
    Thanks for this initiative, So let's use this opportunity to learn many ways of how to conserve and protect our enviroment
    Posted 26-09-2014 14:51

  • says :
    Excellent effort to educate youth.
    Posted 18-09-2014 21:05

  • says :
    Great move there!
    Using it for programmes for
    students will be highly fruitful as
    they will love to have it hence
    increasing their commitment to the
    Posted 18-09-2014 17:59

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