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[Essay] [World] Looking for the Best Member of Eco-generation

by Eco Generation | 30-09-2014 15:55 Comments 6 recommendations 0

best member of the 3rd q

Dear Eco-generation friends,

Warmest greetings from Eco-generation team!

To thank our member's contributions for the Eco-generation platform and 
To encourage our members to get engaged more happily in Eco-generation's various programs and events 

We planned the second opening for the 
The Best Tunza Eco-generation Member of the Quarter 


Recommendation Deadline: 20th October, 2014

Eligibility for the Best Member  : Any Eco-generation member
Eligibility for the Recommender: Any Eco-generation member

It's really easy to join this event.
If you know any Eco-generation members who are suitable 
as the Best Eco-generation member, then recommend him/her to us.

Good recommendations will be released via Notice page.
Recommended friends will really love your warm recommendation!

The one who gets the most reasonable recommendations and has qualifying track records of Tunza Eco-generation will receive 
the SAMSUNG Galaxy Player 5.8!!
Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 

Also, there will be hidden gifts for good recommenders 
who sincerely recommend other members.

-Multiple recommendations are available.
-Detail explanation on the why he/she is the best member
-Attaching pictures(if needed)
-Recommendation of the Ambassadors is also available.

-Making fake IDs to recommend himself/herself 
-Submitting only name without any proper reason for recommendation
-Recommending a member who heavily violates the copyright laws.

How to join
1. Go to the application form <link>

2. Write the Best Member's Name and Country on the Content box

3. Write the reasons on the Content box 

4. Click the Submit button

We look forward your recommendations!
Please show your respect and affection to passionate Eco-generation members!

Thank you!

Eco-generation team

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  • says :
    Who will it be? :)
    Posted 15-02-2015 12:14

  • says :
    Nice initiative
    Posted 19-01-2015 07:12

  • says :
    yeah! I am going to recommend my favourite members! :)
    Posted 17-10-2014 02:44

  • says :
    Nice!!! initiatives to get us more involved..
    Posted 08-10-2014 03:00

  • says :
    Nice event to encourage more in their activities
    Posted 05-10-2014 10:54

  • says :
    This is such a cool activity. Kudos! :)
    Posted 30-09-2014 21:19

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