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[Essay] [World]Monthly Event for November 2014

by Eco Generation | 06-11-2014 14:25 Comments 59 recommendations 0

 Banner of the Monthly Event for November

Dear Eco-generation friends,
Thanks to many encouraging and supporting responses from 
Eco-generation members, 
We would like to launch another fun event
as the Monthly Event for November, 2014.

Title: Make Your Own Tunza Eco-generation T-shirt
Deadline: Until November 30
Inquiry: ecogeneration@samsung.com

This time, Eco-generation members will get the cool opportunity to
wear a Tunza Eco-generation T-shirt designed by an Eco-generation member!
Please be the first designer of Tunza Eco-generation T-shirt to be used for 
various events of Tunza Eco-generation.

We will print the 1st place winner's design out and distribute it
to the 20 best designers including the 1st place winner.
Good designs will be shared via Gallery page<link>

Besides that, the 1st place winner can select 1 souvenir among the items in the image below here.
Available souvenir set for the 1st place winner 

How to Join

1. Download the background image of the T-shirt design
Background for user create T-shirt design
JPG file download <link>
AI file download <link>
If you don't have a program to open AI file, please don't click AI file download link.

2. Create your own style of TUNZA Eco-generation T-shirt! 
Design area for T-shirt design 
- Maximum number of color: 5 colors
- Must be designed on the designated design area
- Must contain
- You can choose one of 24 colors for background color of the t-shirt.
24 Color choice set 
- You can make either JPG or AI format (AI format is recommended)
- JPG file must be high resolution for print. (Max file size 50MB)

3. Submit the design via the application form

(Please put your brief comment on the concept of the design in the content cell in the Application form)

Creating the best social network platform for young environmental leaders
jointly cooperation with Eco-generation member is our best inspiration.

Thank you in advance for your contribution on the first user-create 
Tunza Eco-generation T-shirt.

Thank you!

Eco-generation Team


  • says :
    Always innovative!
    Posted 05-12-2014 18:15

  • says :
    nice initiative
    Posted 02-12-2014 04:40

  • says :
    Seriously, I have NO LUCK T^T
    Posted 01-12-2014 01:11

  • says :
    It's my first day here in this site, I've just heard about it, and I found it cool, so I said why don't I be a part of it, I registred, and I found out about two events, one to Seoul Korea, and the second is this one. And both of their deadlines were today!
    Travelling to Seoul was one of my biggest dream, and now, because it's already too late, I'm super depressed :(
    Posted 01-12-2014 01:10

  • says :
    Submitted my design already! :)
    Posted 30-11-2014 21:41

  • says :
    Wow, really nice contest!
    Posted 30-11-2014 21:41

  • says :
    Is it compulsory to have plain colors or can we put some little bit of design as well while still limiting ourselves to 5 color?

    Posted 28-11-2014 18:18

  • says :
    Love it, awesome prizes!
    Posted 27-11-2014 01:06

  • says :
    Great idea for creative minds
    Posted 27-11-2014 01:05

  • says :
    Awesome event Eco_ gen! its challenging but that's what makes it fun!
    Posted 26-11-2014 04:38

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    No, just one side, Rika :)
    Posted 25-11-2014 11:35

  • says :
    Wow,interesting one.
    Posted 23-11-2014 10:48

  • says :
    Wow,interesting one.
    Posted 23-11-2014 10:48

  • says :
    Can anybody give me some info?
    Posted 23-11-2014 01:02

  • says :
    i have question. i clicked on the AI file link and there are two T-shirt. Do i have to design those two?

    Posted 22-11-2014 18:57

  • says :
    Design Competition :) but I'm not quite good in desaigning something
    Posted 22-11-2014 17:04

  • says :
    I am not a good artist but maybe I should try. ^^
    Posted 21-11-2014 14:10

  • says :
    Creative and fun! Can't wait to see the winner's shirt.
    Posted 21-11-2014 07:21

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    Good luck for all Eco-generation Tshirt designers! :D

    @ mukhlishjamal
    Design: Containing environmental message, Looking good
    Practical in use

    Posted 20-11-2014 15:36

  • says :
    I think I will participate. Thank you for this wonderful idea
    Posted 19-11-2014 23:38

  • says :
    anyway,how to decide the winner? is there any criteria or something else that will be considered for the winner decision?
    Posted 19-11-2014 13:30

  • says :
    nice competition. I will try my best
    Posted 19-11-2014 13:24

  • says :
    this website offers so many fun opportunity to win stuff while learning, I'm glad I joined.
    Posted 18-11-2014 14:55

  • says :
    Will submit my design definitely!
    Posted 18-11-2014 14:53

  • says :
    Brilliant! Simply creative, dynamic and fun.
    Posted 18-11-2014 14:52

  • says :
    Cool Competition :)

    Posted 16-11-2014 15:25

  • says :
    I really appreciate your website. It encourages the youth of today to play an active role for a greener environment.

    Posted 16-11-2014 14:27

  • says :
    I'm a newbie, and I really like your website!! Thank you Eco-gen!!
    Posted 16-11-2014 08:56

  • says :
    The idea is original!!!! Even if I'm not a good drawer, I will try just for fun!!
    Posted 16-11-2014 08:55

  • says :
    really worthfulll idea ???time to show our skills

    Posted 15-11-2014 10:52

  • says :
    challange accepted! :D
    Posted 14-11-2014 20:26

  • says :
    What a great idea! I really like it! I'll apply for this later xD
    Posted 14-11-2014 12:42

  • says :
    A really nice idea. Gonna work on it after SPM :)
    Posted 14-11-2014 12:22

  • says :
    Great competition. Let's see who will win!
    Posted 13-11-2014 21:34

  • says :
    Posted 12-11-2014 19:28

  • says :
    Great opportunity for young designers in our platform .
    I will take part and shared my own design :)

    Posted 12-11-2014 01:33

  • says :
    Wow! What an IDEA!!!!
    Posted 12-11-2014 00:10

  • says :
    It will be fun and exciting being a designer :)
    Posted 11-11-2014 14:07

  • says :
    @Samuel, Wow! safari prints from Africa :D I am so excited to see your design!
    Posted 10-11-2014 16:39

  • says :
    I super love the idea! Our creative minds will now have the chance to make an awesome masterpiece. Kudos Tunza team! :D
    Posted 09-11-2014 17:32

  • says :
    Thanks for the opportunity, working on one with safari prints from Africa :-)
    Posted 08-11-2014 20:32

Czarlo Demeterio

  • Czarlo Demeterio says :
    I think I should learn how to use Photoshop. Right now! ☺ I always wanted to know how to use it and I was just waiting for the right motivation. I hope I can join this one~! Wish me luck guys! ☺
    Posted 08-11-2014 04:54

  • says :
    Nice event ever with good concept to explore new ideas on design, will try to make one.....
    Posted 08-11-2014 00:26

  • says :
    Upgrade creativity, and make some awesome idea!
    Posted 08-11-2014 00:19

  • says :
    I should really try this...! this will be a great opportunity for all artistic tunza members
    Posted 07-11-2014 22:47

  • says :
    Nice competition....................
    Posted 07-11-2014 21:39

  • says :
    this is probably a good program with competition too.. I will try one as well :)
    Posted 07-11-2014 20:11

  • says :
    wow ! Amazing
    Posted 07-11-2014 06:19

  • says :
    wow ! Amazing
    Posted 07-11-2014 06:19

  • says :
    I am a bad designer and never ever thought of designing anything! but this event has encouraged me to design. after all it's never late for something to be done for the first time
    Posted 07-11-2014 05:49

  • says :
    Great Competition, time to get our designing skills into action.
    Posted 07-11-2014 03:47

  • says :
    Quite different from regular events. Kudos!
    Posted 07-11-2014 03:02

  • says :
    great...lets see what I can think!!
    Posted 07-11-2014 02:40

  • says :
    Wow! Amazing contest :)
    Posted 06-11-2014 23:13

  • says :
    wow nice concept, this increase the enthusiasm for the new innovation
    Posted 06-11-2014 19:03

Dharmendra Kapri

  • Dharmendra Kapri says :
    Wow!! That's a really nice idea :D Thank you Eco Generation :)
    Posted 06-11-2014 17:47

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Thanks Eco-Gen team for introducing another exciting event.
    Posted 06-11-2014 17:10

  • Arushi Madan says :
    WOW! Amazing . What a thought, Eco gen. Appreciate this idea.
    Posted 06-11-2014 15:41

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