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[Essay] [World]Monthly Event for January 2015

by Eco Generation | 07-01-2015 18:07 Comments 21 recommendations 0

Monthly for January 2015

Dear Eco-generation members,

First of all,

Happy new year for all of you!

We are more than glad to launch the first monthly event of the year of 2015.

Title: Theme of the Year 2015

Deadline: Until 18th Jan, 215

We feel proud the most that we are making the best environmental social networking platform in active cooperation with Eco-generation members. 'Power of Young Crowd' was the theme of year 2014. And you showed your power that Tunza Eco-generation grew further and got recognized. Thank you so much for your active participation!

Now we would like to set the theme together with YOU!
Please make the theme of the year 2015 which will represent the spirit of Tunza Eco-generation throughout this year. It will be much more meaningful if we make it together.

How to Participate in

2. Write the theme and explanation on the theme in the 'Content' cell.
- The theme should be your original idea.
 (Not borrowed from other organizations, websites and etc.)
-The theme should include Reason/Meaning/Inspiration.
-The theme should be shorter than 9 words.
-The length of explanation should be between 100~200 words.

*You can refer to the Theme of the Year 2014.

The 1st Place Winner's Theme will be published and used as the Tunza Eco-generation's theme throughout the year.

Also, the 10 Best Themes will be awarded with Tunza Eco-generation Water Bottle specially made to celebrate the new year. 

Tunza Eco-generation Water Bottle 

Then we look forward many inspiring themes from you.

Thank you!

Eco-generation team


Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    @Aysha! @Alina @You Please join us at the next event!!! Coming soon! :D
    Posted 29-01-2015 17:29

  • says :
    O i missed this event because of my exams! :(
    Posted 28-01-2015 17:35

  • says :
    missed it too:(

    Posted 25-01-2015 23:47

  • says :
    Nice event.Missed it.But looking for great themes to come up for 2015. :)
    Posted 20-01-2015 21:23

  • says :
    Ohh yes....its done....now waiting for announcement of result
    Posted 19-01-2015 06:58

  • says :
    Waiting for the theme of the year 2015.........
    Posted 19-01-2015 01:15

  • says :
    Eco-gen always bringing Interesting EVENT....
    Posted 18-01-2015 23:09

  • says :
    It is nice to involve the members to finalize the theme for the year.

    Posted 18-01-2015 21:09

  • says :
    Wow Eco-generation!You always come up with such innovative events !
    Posted 17-01-2015 05:14

  • says :
    I will definitely have my hand at this!
    Posted 12-01-2015 23:58

  • says :
    good one
    Posted 12-01-2015 02:42

  • says :
    Sounds interesting.
    Posted 10-01-2015 09:03

  • Sujan Adhikari says :
    Hoping to start a new year with Tunza Eco Generation themes.... Simple but good event !!
    Posted 10-01-2015 01:36

  • says :
    Applied :D
    Posted 09-01-2015 22:16

  • says :
    Eco-gen always bringing awesomeness!!! cool event!
    Posted 09-01-2015 04:09

  • says :
    Yup, the theme of 2014 shows its power & was sustainable as well. Hope we will some interesting theme in this new year.
    Posted 08-01-2015 23:27 Delete

  • says :
    Here we go!
    Posted 08-01-2015 21:46

  • Burton Dorley says :
    wow very interesting
    Posted 08-01-2015 21:14

  • says :
    Good way to start up the new season!

    Posted 08-01-2015 02:55

  • says :
    Looking forward to see interesting themes for 2015
    Posted 07-01-2015 22:06

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