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[Essay] [World] Monthly Event for August, 2015

by Eco Generation | 06-08-2015 11:36 Comments 28 recommendations 0

banner_Monthly Event for August


Dear Eco-generation friends,
Are you having a cool and happy summer vacation?
We are sure that you are fully enjoying 'Eco-friendly Vacation' with your loving people.

As the completion of the 14th Eco-generation Ambassador Program came close,
we would like to express our utmost gratitude for their passionate works.

Please Recommend us 1 most inspiring ambassador to us and
enjoy a cool summer with portable Mini Motor Fan.

Title: Recommend the Most Inspiring Ambassador
Date: Before August 30th

How to Win

1. Choose an Eco-generation Ambassador who most inspired you to be more environmentally aware person.

2. Go to Application form

3. Please write a recommendation in 100~200 words for 1 most inspiring ambassador in the Content box.
Content box 

4. Click the submit  button to complete the entry.

Rules and Criteria

-Only 14th E-gen Ambassadors can be the object of the recommendation
-Multiple entries will be gladly accepted
-Self-recommendation is available
-Reference files(like pictures) are not required
-The reason of recommendation should be concrete
-A recommendation with inspiring story-telling will be the most welcomed

Souvenirs for the Winners

Souvenir_Mini Motor Fan 
The Top 10 Winners will receive a portable 
Mini Motor Fan to cool you during outdoor activities.
Also Ambassadors recommended by the Top 10 Winners will receive the same along with the recommenders as a sweet token for their hard work.
(In short, you can not only get one for you but also give the lovely mini fan to your favorite ambassador by submitting a recommendation.)

Furthermore, the 10 best recommendations will be shared via Notice page to inspire fellow Eco-generation friends and other good recommendations will be also delivered to each ambassador to express our affection for them.


Isn't it very meaningful and super easy?

We will wait for as many as recommendations from all Eco-generation members.
It will be the sweetest complement for the Eco-generation ambassadors
who did their best to protect the Mother nature during the last 6 months.

If you have any question, please contact us.

Many thanks for your heart-warming recommendations in advance!

Eco-generation Team







※ Caution 1 : Winner should be aware of that there is always possibility of being caught in customs. Especially if the quantity of the goods is large, there is much higher possibility of being caught in the local customs and of being charged heavy amount tariff. We will try to send the gifts with Duties and Taxes Paid condition, but the condition is not allowed in some countries. In this case, the winner should pay the Duties and Taxes herself/himself.  

※ Caution 2 : Eco-generation doesn't take any responsibility in any delivery failure caused by wrong/lack delivery information submitted via the Application form page.

※ Caution 3 : The Mini Motor Fan contains AA Battery inside it. In case of sending battery via international delivery service is banned, batteries can be excluded from the box to complete the delivery. In this case, the receiver should by AA battery in local stores.



  • says :
    Fan using compressed air would be a nice addition :) and there would be lots of energy and cost savings
    Posted 24-10-2015 22:05

  • says :
    I want to participate)

    Posted 15-09-2015 23:15

  • says :
    Wow...I really want to participate...But I'm too short in English..
    Posted 29-08-2015 16:43

  • says :
    Very nice monthly event Eco-gen.All the best to all participants.

    Posted 29-08-2015 15:22

  • says :
    Great to motivate more youths to become next ambassadors one day. Thanks. :)
    Posted 26-08-2015 10:41

  • says :
    very interesting event

    Posted 21-08-2015 00:44

  • says :
    self recommendation?? hahahahaha.... I'll participate...
    Posted 14-08-2015 14:36

Eco Generation

  • says :
    Oh . Really inteeresting event.. Surprise Appreciatiion too. I Will surely recommend one.
    Posted 12-08-2015 00:29

  • Jamaica Layos says :
    this is cool. very motivating event :D
    Posted 11-08-2015 22:35

  • Jamaica Layos says :
    this is cool. very motivating event :D
    Posted 11-08-2015 22:35

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    @ Eco generation, does self recommendation exactly mean that we can recommend ourselves? Please clarify. Thanks =D
    Posted 11-08-2015 14:24

  • says :
    inspiring and wonderful event :) i will surely recommend the one :)

    Posted 11-08-2015 10:23

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    @Arushi, Thank you for the good question dear Arushi :)
    You can make multiple recommendations for multiple ambassadors.
    But if you are to win, only 1 best recommendation and referred ambassador will be awarded.
    So, the more you make good entries, the higher the possibility of winning will be.
    Posted 10-08-2015 17:51

  • says :
    Thanks Tunza
    Posted 10-08-2015 00:49

  • says :
    im gonna get this fan :-)
    Posted 09-08-2015 16:10

  • says :
    Super cool..
    Posted 08-08-2015 19:36

  • Arushi Madan says :
    I guess we can recommend 1 per entry but because of multiple entries possibility , we can recommend more than 1 but ensuring 1 per entry.Am I right -Eco Gen?
    Posted 07-08-2015 19:47

  • says :
    This is a great way to inspire environmental action.Great concept Tunza Eco Generation 👍🏻
    Posted 07-08-2015 14:13

  • Luiz Bispo says :
    It is a pleasure to work in this awesome platform!! I am so happy to see everyone effort for environment! All of you inspire me so much! Thanks. =D
    Posted 07-08-2015 04:18

  • Anthony Emecheta says :
    I am in a fix now because I have two favourite ambassadors that really inspired me but then I will try to narrow it down. Will hurt anyway.
    Posted 07-08-2015 01:02

  • says :
    Fantastic suff!!! So many to choose from

    Posted 06-08-2015 23:15

  • says :
    This is really really interesting event :)
    Thank you dearest Eco- generation ^_^
    Posted 06-08-2015 19:52

  • says :
    really exciting and inspiring as event too
    Posted 06-08-2015 19:39

  • says :
    super duper cool event hehe
    Posted 06-08-2015 19:36

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Yeah an interesting , simple and a very meaningful event. All the best. We all here are inspired by each other.
    Posted 06-08-2015 19:30

  • says :
    Really an motivating event.
    Thanks Eco-generation.:D

    Posted 06-08-2015 19:10

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