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[Ecosystem] Blast Fishing

by UNEP TUNZA | 22-01-2013 09:43 Comments 31 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

The Visayan Sea has lost almost 90% of its coral and much of its marine life to over-fishing, blast fishing and cyanide poisoning. Tony Oposa has set up a school for kids to teach them about environment awareness.


Amy Lim

  • Amy Lim says :
    thanks for sharing:)
    Posted 17-06-2018 17:02

  • Christian Dy says :
    Thanks for sharing!
    Posted 03-11-2014 10:15

  • Rohan Narula says :
    And another way to destroy marine habitat.
    Posted 03-05-2014 17:45

  • Rohan Narula says :
    Thanks for posting!
    Posted 18-01-2014 15:36

  • Dina Sapkota says :
    crap, its should be banned
    Posted 27-12-2013 03:10

  • Mamta Kunwar says :
    stop killing the innocent fishes
    Posted 15-12-2013 01:24

  • Vicky Jade Lukan says :
    i think i can make a connection of this blast fishing to dynamite fishing which happens a lot here in chuuk micronesia, as rongel and emerald had just mentioned.. thanks for the awareness video
    Posted 05-12-2013 06:59

  • Rongel Marcil says :
    Blast fishing is a very serious thing. The people don't think about the coral that stay there. It seriously affects them and it affects fish too. They usually kill many fish and the corals that could have been habitats to other fish.
    Posted 04-12-2013 21:32

  • Emeraldrose Hadik says :
    i just turned in an essay about this very topic. i didnt know that it was this harmful. yes i did know that it kills many harmful fish and its habitat. like rongel said this island that i am at uses dynamites to fish. to them its like an easy way to catch fish but they dont realize what it does to the ocean as well.
    Posted 02-12-2013 19:58

  • Allen Thomas says :
    this video says a lot about blast fishing
    Posted 01-12-2013 01:05

  • Rongel Marcil says :
    I am at a school in micronesia and most of these people use dynamite to fish and they kill a lot of the coral.
    Posted 29-11-2013 21:15

  • shubham sinha says :
    stop killing the innocent marine lives
    Posted 12-08-2013 17:07

  • Sabin Sapkota says :
    stop hapahazard fishing
    Posted 11-08-2013 09:25

  • pratik kunwar says :
    The fishing in obsessed way should be stopped
    Posted 23-07-2013 22:03

  • sneha limbu says :
    the haphazard fishing should be stopped
    Posted 20-07-2013 02:56

  • manoj rai says :
    yes, the awareness is important to stop these acts
    Posted 19-07-2013 02:29

  • Raunak Kapur says :
    In UAE the authorities put a ban of fishing for some time sometime ago to curb overfishing
    Posted 17-06-2013 23:27

  • Christy Lee says :
    Many of them don't know what exactly they are doing.
    This is the why awareness campaign is important for the environment protection.
    Posted 25-02-2013 10:13

Jeonghyun Lee

  • Jeonghyun Lee says :
    It's so sad to see coral reefs being damaged because of improper catching techniques. And it's also sad to see so many villagers being injured from such horrible ways of fishing. I hope the children learned the importance of coral reefs.
    Posted 23-02-2013 19:46

  • EJin Kim says :
    Destroying coral reefs can make the region more vulnerable to tsumanis...
    Posted 22-02-2013 15:14

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