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[Ecosystem] Various creatures living on this planet

by Eco Generation | 03-06-2011 08:29 Comments 14 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Various creatures living on this planet

1.Let's classify numerous living creatures into three groups_00
Human is just one of estimated 100 million or so species living on this planet, among which only approximately 1.7 million species are known and identified. We can roughly divide them into three categories.
1.Let's classify numerous living creatures into three groups_01

2. Why do we have diversity of species?
Earth ecosystem, as if it is a huge living organism, self-regulates circulation of chemical matters such as carbon, oxygen or nitrogen.
Various activities of living organisms enable chemical circulation which helps prevent loss of even small quantity of, but indispensable, chemical matters. A diversity of earth species can be understood as a soundness of our ecosystem because it means our ecological environment is stable and well balanced.

3.What is evolution?
At a glance various species on the planet are in peaceful coexistence but they are in fact fiercely competing over limited food supply. Every species is desperate to survive so that it can propagate.
However species with better genes has better chance to survive competition and pass on its gene to next generation. Several of its offspring are endowed with its strong genetic makeup and propagate, which after a few generations lead to evolution.

4.How are diverse species created?
There is no way of knowing how these various species came into existence but biologists assume same species isolated in different places mate only within their given population eventually evolving into different species.
In this respect, there are some who claim human and chimpanzee came from a same ancestor living in a deep African gorge but undeniable fact is millions of species of the earth have evolved and living on this planet through whichever process that could have been necessary to do so.

5.Why is eclogical diversity in decline?_00
Scientists give gloomy forecast that a quarter of all species on this planet are doomed for extinction within the next 50 years due to harmful ecological impact from increasing human activities.
5.Why is eclogical diversity in decline?_01

6.Biodiversity Convention_00
6.Biodiversity Convention_01 Biodiversity Convention is an international agreement aimed at curbing a decrease in biological species.
It was signed at Rio UN Earth Summit in June 1992 to prevent decline in biodiversity and make eco-friendly use of environmental resources.
Currently 177 nations are signatories to the treaty and Korea became one of them in October 1994.
Another convention, the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, was adopted on January 29 2000 seeking to protect biodiversity from the potential risks posed by living modified organisms resulting from modern technology. It establishes an advance informed agreement procedure for ensuring that countries are provided with the information necessary to make informed decisions before agreeing to the import of such organisms into their territory.
The fact that such an agreement was first signed at the dawn of new millennium reflects rising interest in GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).


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