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[Ecosystem] What is food waste?

by Eco Generation | 03-06-2011 08:30 Comments 17 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

what is food waste?

1.what is food waste?_00
1.what is food waste?_01 Food leftover refers to the food leftover and waste generated from household or from restaurant and grocery shop.
When mom cooks in the kitchen, she generates a lot of food waste. It looks trivial but the amount of all such waste across the nation, if combined, could be unimaginably huge. And considering such food waste occupies about 30% of total household waste, we need to be aware of its problems.
Then how much food waste is produced?

2.problems of food waste_00
2.problems of food waste_01 ?/td> The most evident problem is that it is soggy (almost 80~85% of food waste is water) so it goes bad so easily and gives unbearable smell.
Also leachate from it contaminates landfill.
2.problems of food waste_02 ?/td> Worse yet, added foreign matters, plastic bag, lid, sponge gourd, rubber gloves and toothpick contained in food waste make it difficult to properly treat waste.
2.problems of food waste_03 ?/td> The fact that it is easy to decay adds more to the problems because it is extremely troublesome to recycle before it rots. Furthermore, food leftover is more difficult to handle during summer than during winter as heat quickens decaying process.

3.how to treat food waste?_00
Food waste, if untreated, torments us with its obnoxious smell and leaking water. Burning it could save such pain but it requires huge amount of energy to dry it so it is also inefficient.
Then what is the best way to treat food waste?
Food waste leachate from landfill flows into river or sea and contaminates soil.
So it is imperative that we seek an effective reuse of waste before generating it. What could it be?
3.how to treat food waste?_01

Let's learn about composting.
4.turning food waste into compost_00
4.turning food waste into compost_01 ?/td> Each household and restaurant separates food waste from other wastes.
4.turning food waste into compost_02 ?/td> Food waste from household or restaurant is collected at separate garbage container.
4.turning food waste into compost_03 ?/td> Garbage retrieved is carried to waste collection area or food waste treatment facility.
4.turning food waste into compost_04 ?/td> Other added matters are removed from food waste for recycling.
4.turning food waste into compost_05 ?/td> Recycling process operator applies special chemical treatment to food waste.
4.turning food waste into compost_06 ?/td> Recycled food waste is 100% reused as animal feed or compost.
4.turning food waste into compost_07 ?/td>

It is supplied to dairy or farming industry in the form of animal feed or compost...


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