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[Energy] Gas Usage for a Cleaner Atmosphere

by Eco Generation | 02-06-2011 10:38 Comments 9 recommendations 0


Gas usage for a Cleaner Atmosphere

1.What is Notural Gas?

Natural Gas is supplied to cities and homes using pipes, and forms the main ingredient of the household gas that we use. Natural gas is a gaseous fossil fuel consisting mainly of methane (CH4). The liquid version of natural gas is called, LNG, or Liquefied Natural Gas.

1.What is Notural Gas?_01

Natural Gas, when turned into liquid, shrinks to 1/600th of its original size. Natural gas is transported and stored in its liquefied form, because of the convenience of its reduced size.
Natural gas as found in the nature is a mixture of methane, butanes, pentanes, carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) as well as dust and water vapor. Therefore it needs to be purified in order to get the natural gas that we can use.

2.Natural Gas in our homes.

Many houses and cities today use natural gas as a fuel. Natural gas is used to fuel the gas stoves in our kitchen and in the boilers and the heaters to heat our homes.

3.Is it dangerous to use natural gas as fuel?

Natural Gas has explosive characteristics, so it can be dangerous. Nevertheless, there are many good reasons why we should use natural gas in our homes. 

- Natural gas is safe when it's well maintained.

There are strict government standards and regulations for ways to supply gas to our homes. By law, only trained professionals can install natural gas lines in our homes. The government also conducts regular check-ups in our homes to see if gas pipes and meters in our homes are safe and well maintained. 

-Natural Gas is lighter than air and disseminates (spreads out) well

Natural Gas ventilates fast out of our homes because it is lighter than air. Natural Gas, if leaked, can be dangerous in houses that are not well ventilated. If gas leaks, you need to close the gas valve and open the windows so that the gas can escape.

Natural Gas is lighter than air and disseminates (spreads out) well_00

Having a high calorific rate means that it can create more energy per unit weight compared to other fuels. In conclusion, this means that natural gas is more efficient. Natural gas is also cleaner and produces fewer pollutants when burned. When we used gasoline in our homes in the past, it would build up pollutants in the cooking utensils used for cooking. Using Natural Gas is an excellent way to minimize air pollution and maintain a clean environment.

4.Using Natural Gas in Mass Transportation:Bus

We use buses in our cities for mass transportation. Diesel fuel is generally used in the buses. Diesel fuel however, creates a lot of pollutants like nitrogen oxide and fine dust polluting atmosphere and our air thus making the buses the main perpetrators of big city pollution.


Natural Gas buses produce fewer pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and fine dust, making it a preferred option over diesel engine buses.

Natural Gas buses use CNG, or Compressed Natural Gas as fuel. CNG is the same methane gas that is used in our homes, except that it's compressed and shrunk (made smaller), so that it can be stored for use in the vehicles. CNG, like Natural Gas, is a highly compressed gas lighter than air. Thus CNG is also safer because it disperses (spreads) faster into the atmosphere when leaked.

The Natural Gas Buses that uses CNG fuel do not produce any harmful fumes and also produce16% less hydrocarbon, 37% less Nitrogen oxide and 41% less Carbon monoxide, all of which are harmful byproducts that damage our health and destroy our atmosphere. Natural Gas buses also create less noise.

Natural Gas buses have been produced widely all over the world since the 1930's. There are 12 million Natural Gas buses operational worldwide in 29 countries such as Russia, United States, Italy and South Korea. There are also more than 3000 Natural Gas fuel stations worldwide to support the 12 million Natural Gas buses.


5.What's Liquefled Petroleum Gas?

There are two types of Liquefied Petroleum Gas - propane and butane. It turns into liquid, or liquefies, by applying appropriate pressure to crude oil (raw form of oil). The LPG is liquefied because LPG is 1/240th to 1/280th of its original size when it is in liquid form, making it easier to transport, store and use.

Uses for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

- Industrial Fuel
LPG is used to heat large factories and furnaces. Unlike our homes, industrial LPG is used in its liquid stage. 

-Residential fuel
In some parts of the world, LPG is used for cooking and heating our homes. 

-Metal Finish
Metal finishing in air causes it to discolor due to oxidation. Therefore, metal finishing is done with gas. 

-Cutting and welding metal
Factories use LPG to cut and weld metals. 

-Vehicle Fuel
LPG can also be used to fuel cars and vehicles, and is widely used as fuel in taxis, passenger cars and buses. 

Butane gas is used to fuel cabinet heaters or personal heaters during winter season. 

-Agricultural (farming) use

Cost-effective LPG is used to control temperature and other purposes to increase production in the agriculture (farming) and fishing industry.

Using Natural Gas helps to reduce pollution in our atmosphere, but it still releases Carbon Dioxide gas that destroys the ozone layer into our atmosphere. Unfortunately, Natural Gas isn't effective in stopping Global Warming Effect.


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    Natural gas is the near future energy
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    Interestingly, an environmental class i took talked about fracking, a highly controversial way of tapping into natural gas reserves. Although natural gas is cleaner than coal, the fracking process may have negative consequences. One of the large questions is where we get natural gas.
    Posted 22-07-2014 21:17

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    liked the article
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    its very very true
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    its is absolutely right
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    I agree! let us go for natural gas
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Rohan Kapur

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    it is very true, Eco-Gen
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    Natural gas is most environment friendly.
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