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[Energy] [Column] Green Car 1 – Electric Car_ Park Jung-Kyu

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Green Car 1 – Electric Car


Park, Jung Kyu, a researcher at Korea Industry Technology Institute


1. What is Green Car?

The world is trying hard to save energy and to minimize the emission rate of pollutants because of global warming and high oil prices. In the same manner, cars that require less fuel and do not emit CO2 and other toxic substances are being developed, and we call these vehicles as the "Green Car." Electric vehicle, fuel cell vehicle, hybrid vehicle, and clean diesel vehicle are included in the Green Car. Ways to produce motive power are different for these Green Cars. Let's take a look at Electric vehicle first.


2. How does electric vehicle move?

Electric Vehicle (EV) uses electric power stored inside the battery instead of fossil fuels that is used in gasoline or diesel cars. In other words, Electricity charged in battery is used instead of fossil fuel in fuel tank and drive vehicle by operating motor instead of engine. To make it easier to understand, it is similar to how toy cars move forward as the motor spins when you put battery and turn the switch on. Such electric vehicles are Zero Emission Vehicle with absolutely no exhaust fumes because they move just by electric energy. In addition to these strong features, noise is reduced in electric vehicles because they do not have engine and the risk of explosion is low.    


3. Why is electric vehicle in the center of attention?

Why didn't electric vehicle with so much strong features become an issue until recently? In fact, electric vehicle was first produced by R.Davidson in England before the appearance of gasoline vehicles in 1873. However, they did not make practical use of them because of the weight, size, and long charging time of batteries. And at the time, people not having much interest in global warming and high oil prices were also another cause. 

On the other hand, a documentary movie, called Who Killed the Electric Car?(2006), saw mutual interest between oil company, automobile company, and government on top of consumer indifferences and how these have interrupted commercialization of electric vehicles. With such  history, electric vehicles, a type of green cars, have become an issue due to the technical improvement, government?s interest on global warming and high oil prices, and as the automobile market is seeking for vehicles that can replace fossil fuel vehicles.    



4. Does electric car run well?

High speed electric vehicles that are capable of running at 100km/h are being developed right now, but there are still problems regarding technical limits and costs. Electric vehicle, known as the NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle), is the low-speed electric vehicle with 60km/h of maximum speed that is used to travel short distances. The body weight of a car was reduced to cut down price and for insufficient battery capacity, and the selling price was reduced by reducing the consuming power. Driveway for NEV or charging stations are prepared in some cities in America or Europe, but the supply in Korea is still in the beginning stage by each local government.  Carts in golf courses or electric cars inside some public offices are the general NEV. 

5. What is wrong with electric car?

There are some problems that need to be fixed in electric vehicles. First, the performance of batteries, which are like fuel for electric vehicles where the electric energy is stored, should be improved. People agree that the energy density needs to be increased. The mileage of electric vehicles after the battery is completely charged is about 100~150km (there are high-priced electric vehicles that can drive 500km on a single charge). Considering the distance between Seoul and Busan is about 450km, the traveling distance can appear too short. Second, the battery is still too thick and too expensive. Electric vehicles are too expensive because the battery cost is too high. Third, wouldn't it be more convenient if charging stations which are just like gas station for gasoline or diesel vehicles were built all over the world. There are not that many charging stations for electric vehicles right now but more stations will be built in the future. Last but not the least; the charging time needs to be shortened. If it takes 2~3 hours to charge batteries, the charging time would be similar to the driving time.

There is one last thing that we need to think about on electric vehicles. We don?t have to use expensive fuels if electric vehicles replace fossil fuel cars, such as gasoline or diesel vehicles. It would be true that CO2 or other toxic substances will not be generated. This is not necessarily true in broader perspective, because fossil fuels are still needed to generate electricity when producing electric energy that will be used in electric vehicles. You can see it as electric vehicles have moved the source of pollution from vehicle to the power plant. Further research on alternative energy that can replace fossil fuel is being carried out but we need your interest and effort in the future.






  • Amy Lim says :
    thanks for the information
    Posted 22-06-2018 10:11

  • Chaei Lim says :
    Thanks for the info
    Posted 03-06-2018 22:29

  • Prakriti Dhakal says :
    oops! here now i see it . 2012 news at 2016. And it is a great :) .
    Posted 09-01-2016 03:00

  • Prakriti Dhakal says :
    electric car ?
    wow ! it is a great idea .
    Posted 09-01-2016 02:58

  • says :
    I hope it will come true
    Posted 25-10-2015 07:13

  • says :
    Electric cars are currently in use in the developed countries, I'm looking forward to solar powered vehicles which will use photovoltaic system to generate the electricity in this part of the world
    Posted 01-08-2015 22:24

  • says :
    Electric cars are currently in use in the developed countries, I'm looking forward to solar powered vehicles which will use photovoltaic system to generate the electricity in this part of the world
    Posted 01-08-2015 22:23

  • says :
    Electric cars are currently in use in the developed countries, I'm looking forward to solar powered vehicles which will use photovoltaic system to generate the electricity in this part of the world
    Posted 01-08-2015 22:23

  • says :
    Is gonna be very useful.
    Posted 08-03-2015 22:08

  • says :
    Posted 25-11-2014 19:00

  • says :
    I totally agree :)
    Posted 25-11-2014 18:59

  • says :
    thanks for the info
    Posted 20-11-2014 01:08

  • says :
    I agree, part of the issue with electric cars is that a country needs to have charging stations set up before it can effectively support the electric car program.
    Posted 22-07-2014 21:06

  • says :
    Electric cars are not as efficient or cheap as conventional diesel cars, but future researches may perhaps yield satisfying solutions.
    Posted 09-07-2014 08:03

  • says :
    thanks for the info
    Posted 31-12-2013 01:05

  • says :
    it is pretty effective
    Posted 22-12-2013 22:32

  • says :
    green car is the new concept which should be prevailed all around
    Posted 20-12-2013 01:44

  • says :
    now i know the detail of my granpa electric bike its is similar with the function of electric car
    Posted 16-12-2013 20:50

  • says :
    thanks for info
    Posted 31-08-2013 05:06

  • says :
    thanks for vast information
    Posted 11-08-2013 17:50

  • says :
    Green cars seems great
    Posted 25-07-2013 22:21

  • says :
    thanks for sharing, i would love to see it in use
    Posted 20-07-2013 22:35

  • says :
    i hope we can find some green cars in Nepal as well in the future
    Posted 19-07-2013 12:45

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Cheaper & faster Electric cars are required.
    Posted 22-06-2013 20:58

  • says :
    Future will tell the fete, after the end of fossil fuel from Earth.
    Posted 18-06-2013 22:54

  • says :
    Yea there must be alternative ways to produce electricity for the alternative car :)
    Posted 25-02-2013 10:26

  • Jeonghyun Lee says :
    I totally agree with the last paragraph. There is surely a problem if electric cars use electricity produced form fossil fuels.. We also have to focus on producing electricity from renewable energy.
    Posted 23-02-2013 20:46

  • says :
    I hope electric cars become cheaper that more people would use them
    Posted 22-02-2013 15:00

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