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[Energy] [Column]Green Car 3 – Hybrid Vehicle _Park Jung-Kyu

by Eco Generation | 21-03-2012 10:01 Comments 26 recommendations 0

Green Car 3 – Hybrid Vehicle


Park, Jung Kyu, a researcher at Korea Industry Technology Institute



1. Are you unfamiliar with the term hybrid?


The word ?hybrid? is often used these days. For example, there are hybrid bicycle, hybrid vehicle, hybrid camera, and even hybrid game. Hybrid means crossbreed, mixture, or compound. Bicycle is usually categorized into MTB for rough mountains and fast speed bicycle for city streets, and a bicycle that has mixed strong features of these two types is called hybrid bicycle. Hybrid camera is a camera that combines good performances of DSLR cameras and portability of small cameras. As explained, you can see hybrid products as new products that perform at greater levels as different elements are mixed in together. Consequently, a hybrid vehicle can be considered as a new product that has better performance by taking different elements into consideration at the same time, right?



2. What kind of elements do hybrid vehicles have?


You can think of a hybrid vehicle as a mixture of electric vehicle and gasoline vehicle. In other words, it operates a motor by storing electric energy into batteries and operates engine with fossil fuels like gasoline, diesel, or gas. In fact, if a car gets power supply by using more than two energy sources, it is considered as a hybrid vehicle. However, motor and engine are generally used as motive power as explained above.



3. Now, do motor and engine operate at the same time in hybrid vehicles?


Yes and no. Sometimes just motor is used and sometimes both motor and engine operate depending on the driving condition of a car.  When car travels at low speed, it moves by motor power but in general, motor and engine operate alternately on flatland. Engine and motor operate together on hills or other sections that require fast speed and motor used here is auxiliary. But I heard that engine is not used but only operate motor in downhill or sections that need to slow down. It is too complicating, right? It is important to control the use of motor and engine optimally depending on the driving condition. 



4. Do we charge hybrid vehicle batteries at home?


No. We don?t have to charge batteries for hybrid vehicle. Vehicles charge electric energy into batteries during spare time when the vehicle is running. When a car slows down, the generator spins and stores electric energy into batteries. Electric energy that?s been stored in such manner is used when a car is on drive mode. But there are also hybrid vehicles that can be charged at home or at electric power stations. These are called plug-in hybrid vehicles. They are hybrid vehicles too since they use two energy sources, engine and motor. The difference in general hybrid vehicle is that it uses mass storage battery and charging can be done from outside. Whereas battery is used as auxiliary power in general hybrid vehicles, the plug-in hybrid vehicle usually runs by battery. 



5. In any case, hybrid vehicles use fossil fuel, right?


Yes, that?s right. As fossil fuels are used, it is not completely a chemical-free vehicle. But then, since battery recharges on its own while the vehicle is on the run and produces power, it has 1.5 times better mileage than previous gasoline vehicles. This means pollution will decrease and so will the fuel costs. You can see it as the usage of fossil fuel will be conserved and environmental destruction will lessen. Still, hybrid vehicle is not the ultimate solution for pollution, right?   


In fact, considering the amount of pollution that was generated during the electric energy production, electric vehicles need to be reinforced as perfectly chemical-free vehicles. However, we can?t use electric vehicles conveniently yet because of problems, such as the price of batteries and charging time. This is why it is better to understand that a hybrid vehicle was developed as an intermediate stage before electric vehicle.    



6. Isn?t hybrid vehicle expensive?


Of course the hybrid vehicle is more expensive because motor and battery are added to the engine. Each vehicle varies slightly, but compact size cars cost five million won more. A hybrid vehicle has good fuel efficiency as electric energy which was generated when it was on the run and is used for motive power. In other words, we can save fuel expenses since it runs further with the same amount of fossil fuel. If you use hybrid vehicles for long time, people say it is economically feasible by making savings on fuel costs. I don?t know if that is the reason why, but it is easy to see hybrid vehicles in Korea these days. For those who haven?t had a chance to see hybrid vehicles, look for a mark on the sides of cars that says hybrid or Blue drive.







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    I really like to have the test drive of this car.
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    thanks for the info
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    If we could get hybrid cars cheaper, they could be used more widely...
    Posted 09-07-2014 08:14

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    Well, there sure are a lot of advantages for these 'hybrid' vehicles!
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    thanks for the article
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    very interesting
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    great and nice to know about the hybrid car
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    its now time to green park
    Posted 22-12-2013 21:08

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    its very new for us seems interesting thanks for the post
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    new for me hybrid car.... nice
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    very informative, thanks for sharing
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    seems like a great car!
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    wow, this hybrid vehicle is great!
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Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    These are expensive, presently. but agreed, cost will down in future.
    Posted 22-06-2013 21:01

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    Many such vehicles are in UAE
    Posted 18-06-2013 22:50

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    @Jeonghyun well let's see~ :D
    Posted 11-03-2013 16:00

  • Jeonghyun Lee says :
    It's surprising to know that we don't have to charge the batteries of a hybrid vehicle. I should use it when I get a driver's license )
    Posted 26-02-2013 11:43

  • says :
    How about try it when you get a driver license? :)
    Posted 25-02-2013 10:24

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    I didn't know that hybrid cars become economically feasible once you use them.
    Posted 22-02-2013 15:03

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