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[Energy] [Column]Green Car 4 – Clean Diesel Vehicle _Park Jung-Kyu

by Eco Generation | 21-03-2012 10:02 Comments 29 recommendations 0

Green Car 4 – Clean Diesel Vehicle


Park, Jung Kyu, a researcher at Korea Industry Technology Institute


1.     What is diesel engine?


Diesel engine is an internal combustion engine that uses diesel (or heavy oil). Also, SUV (sports utility vehicle), lorry, or van that we often see on the road use diesel engine. Oh yeah! Did you know that diesel is a name of a person? Rudolf Diesel is a German machinist who was born in 1858. Diesel researched for long period of time, and as a result, he invented stronger engine that has better gas mileage than gasoline engine in 1894. This is why he named Diesel Engine after himself. But this doesn't necessarily mean that diesel engine is better than the gasoline engine. Because a lot of NOx (nitrogen oxide) and PM(fine dust) substances are discharged through exhaust gas. This is why diesel engine is known to be more harmful to the environment than the petroleum engine in general.   



2. Is clean diesel same as diesel?


Yes, it is. But clean diesel doesn't have to install new battery or motor to produce moving power like fuel cell car or hybrid vehicle. Just consider it as the same as the existing diesel. But fuel efficiency has improved and technology that decreases exhaust gas, such as NOx and PM, is incorporated. It would be better for our environment, right? This is why they used the word 'clean'. Just because exhaust gas is reduced by a little bit, not everything is called clean diesel. Japan, America, and every other country has their own standard, but in general, clean diesel vehicle is determined by EURO 5*, a European standard.

* EURO is a regulation for exhaust gas that was introduced by the European Union. EURO 5 is a standard that was suggested in 2008, and diesel cars need to satisfy NOx 180mg/km, PM 5mg/km to be called or referred to as clean diesel.



3. What kind of technology is applied in clean diesel?


I mentioned how NOx and Pm are the problematic exhaust gases, right? First, there is DPF(diesel particle filter) and to make a simple explanation, this is similar to the technology that filters out exhaust gas. PM is reduced by this technology and there are SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) and LNT that purify NOx. Isn't it amazing how approximately 85% of NOx emission can be reduced with these technologies? Meanwhile, there is a technology called CRDI(Common Rail Direct Injection) that improves fuel efficiency. You probably have seen CRDI written on the side of SUV often. CRDI is a technology that improves combustion efficiency by spraying the optimal amount of high-pressure fuel by electronic control. The fuel cost would be better because combustion efficiency is improved, right? It is not easy to develop technology, but such technologies have been developed for long period of time because of problems such as unavoidable energy exhaustion and environmental problems. Since the development of these good technologies, unclean image of diesel vehicles because of deep-black exhaustion gas has improved.   



4. Do consumers prefer clean diesel?


Clean diesel vehicle is sensationally popular in Europe enough to be called 'a paradise' for clean diesel vehicle. It was reported in the newspaper that the sales rate of clean diesel exceeded 70% in 2008. Isn't it amazing? Western Europe paid interest in clean diesel vehicles as early as late 1990's. And policies, such as tax deduction and subsidization, are also supplied in each country. Consumers would prefer this vehicle as performance improves, as there is less environmental pollution due to emission laws, and increased national support, right? But our country still has negative perception on diesel. However, consumers still believe that it is more expensive than gasoline cars, not comfortable to drive in, and that it is a messy car that generates black smoke. This is why clean diesel vehicles are not preferred in Korea as much as in Europe, but it seems like we can see clean diesel vehicles on the road as soon as people?s awareness is improved day by day.     



5. Then, what kind of Green Car is favorable?


In general, clean diesel vehicle is known to have 15% better fuel efficiency compared to the general diesel vehicle and 20~30% better than the gasoline cars. This is why clean diesel vehicle can be the solution to the energy depletion, and since it consumes less fuel, it can be better for the environment also because it decreases the emission of carbon dioxide that is known to be the main cause of global warming. But as seen in Green Car 1 and 2, electric vehicle does not emit exhaust gas, right? And just like electric vehicle, fuel cell car is also pollution-free vehicle that contains no toxic substances, such as CO2, Sox, or NOx. Considering the exhaust gases, clean diesel vehicle is not necessarily the best green car. But, you know that it is still inconvenient to ride electric or fuel cell vehicles, right? They are expensive, have short traveling distance, and there are only few hydrogen station.  This is why clean diesel vehicle can be seen as a realistic alternative vehicle that can respond to the Climatic Change Convention, EURO 5, or other emission laws more effectively until problems of fossil fuel vehicle or electric vehicle are commercialized.






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