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[Feature] One Hour for the Earth, Earth Hour!

by Eco Generation | 04-09-2013 16:54 Comments 26 recommendations 0

One Hour for the Earth, Earth Hour!

- Sixty minutes, time for getting close to the earth's environment


Jonghyun Lee

Earth Hour Korea

What is Earth Hour?


Earth Hour is one of the biggest environmental events in the world to announce the seriousness of climate change. By switching off unnecessary lights for one hour, the event raises awareness and exhorts actions on climate change to make sustainable earth's environment.


'One Hour for the Earth, Earth Hour' took place on March 23, 2013.

More than 7,000 cities and municipalities in 154 countries and territories took part in the event on this day.


In Korea, it gained supports from the government agencies including:

Ministry ofEnvironment, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism(MCST), Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries(MIFAFF), Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Unification, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Employment and Labor, Minister of Gender Equality and Family, Meteorological Administration, Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office, Korea Customs Service, Korea Small and Medium Business Administration, Cultural Heritage Administration, Korea Coast Guard, Korea Food and Drug Administration, Metropolitan Air Quality Management Office, Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Rural Development Administration, Korea National Police Agency, etc.


In the education sector, elementary·middle·high schools and universities participated in the Earth Hour 2013.


Also, 75,063 public buildings, approximately 2.7million households, 6,500 domestic and international businesses including Naver<NHN> Happybean, Samsung Fire &Marine Insurance, Kyobo Life Insurance, Samsung Engineering, Starbucks Korea, CoCa-ColaKorea, Phillips Korea, Sangha farm of Maeil Milk co. took inspirational actions by participating the event.


Meanwhile, international organizations and NGOs such as UNEP Korean Committee, UNGC Korea Network, UNICEF Korean Committee, ICUNIA(Information Centre for UN and International Activities), GreenPeace Seoul Office, EPLC(UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Center), GreenStart Network, Korea NGO Network, Korea NGO Association joined in the Earth Hour 2013.


Starting from a one-city initiative in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour now is becoming a more significant global campaign year by year.


Why the interests and participation are increasing?


Because there is a growing number of people who take notice of environmental changes of the Earth. Nowadays the environment of the Earth is in danger.

The climate changes lead to natural disasters such as floods, droughts, and storms.

Of course the climate change is not a whole new phenomenon.

The thing is that the occurrence is prone to be more frequent in recent days and the degree of damage is becoming severe. On the one part of the earth the town is entirely submerged due to a flood, and on the other part of the earth suffers from drought making big lakes run dry.

Consequently not only the people in the natural disaster stricken areas but animals in that area are harshly harmed. As mentioned, natural disasters brought about by climate change break down the balance of ecosystem of the earth.


Why is Climate Change happening so drastically around the world?

Scientists is pointing out that human behavior is the major cause of it. As human beings have consumed so much resources and energy as well as produced a great deal of waste and contaminant. In fact, we all know the circumstances that I described above. However, merely knowing the facts doesn't change anything. If we don't take action ourselves to make things better right now, the environment of the earth will get worse.


Earth Hour! Go Together, Earth Hour


Earth Hour starts from the idea that we should practice what we know rather than stand still, simply recognizing how serious climate change is. Hence, we designated the last Saturday in March as the day for Earth Hour and we are carrying out the campaign urging people to switch off unnecessary lights for one designated hour. So we can show our commitment and capability to deal with environmental problems of the Earth.


When does Earth Hour take place?


Earth Hour campaign commenced in 2007, 35 countries joined in the campaign in the following year. And 7 years after since it began, participating countries are increasing in number with 154 countries including dominions. Now, on the last Saturday in March, landmarks and 461 large buildings all over the world such as the Opera House in Sydney, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and the Namsan Tower, the 63 City, the Coex, the Han-gang bridge, the Gwang-An bridge, the Seodong market, etc. became friends with the dark for one hour and turned off their lights.


Like this, individuals, communities, cities, and countries across the world are taking part in Earth Hour. Starting from a single action of switching off the lights, Earth Hour has brought the world together and became the global climate campaign. It is rarely seen that people do something on their own with consciousness on the matter. Those who participated in the event are greatly inspired by not only the situation that they made the move themselves to protect the earth, but the fact that people who took action as they did live in half a world away. Now, Earth Hour establishes itself as one precious day and one precious hour, identifying the betterment of global environment and human solidarity.


Why is Earth Hour held in late March?


Earth Hour should be able to deliver a clear message when the lights are turned off on the same day and time. Therefore, it is very important to designate the day for putting out lights so that we can increase public awareness, interests, and participation. Since the Earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun, seasons and time zones differ from country to country. Fortunately, there is Vernal Equinox Day in March, a day when the sun crosses the equator making night and day equal in length. And it makes the greatest visual impact for the lights-out event around this time.

In the light of it, Earth Hour had been held on the last Saturday in March between 8.30PM and 9.30PM every year. But Earth Hour 2013 was celebrated on Saturday March 23, a week earlier than usual, considering that summer time is applied to some countries.


Would lights-out for one hour really work for global environment?


23 March this year, the amount of electricity saved reached more or less 6.927million KW through Earth Hour held in Korea. This amount can be equivalent to saving of 3,131 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and planting of 1,127,160 young pine trees. If the amount of saved electricity and decreased greenhouse gas emissions from National/international corporations and private buildings are included, the results will be greater.


Why don't we take action from time to time in our daily lives instead of just turning off lights on one day a year? If you switched off non-essential lights, then you just planted one tree today. One hour lights-out doesn't make inconvenience at all for you.

On the contrary, a new world will be discovered. Feel the lights from the nature, a starlight night, and the twilight with the lights off. What do you say to sharing our wonderful world with dear friends or family, talking about the Earth we live on.




Paras Kunwar

  • Paras Kunwar says :
    Really Informative
    Posted 28-03-2020 17:00

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    This is really informative.
    Thank you @EcoGneration
    Posted 27-03-2020 12:28

  • says :
    We need to save the environment...
    Posted 25-11-2015 01:44

  • says :
    Besides, it keeps us reminded of environment conservation and preservation. =)
    Posted 22-11-2015 18:29

  • says :
    It would be wonderful if we have 'Earth Hour' more often, maybe twice a year and slowly moving towards once a month. Just imagine the kind of impact that this will create.
    Posted 22-11-2015 18:28

  • says :
    Bahrain Kingdom made sure that many places go through earth hour
    Posted 21-11-2015 21:19

  • says :
    lights were turned off in many places in my country
    Posted 21-11-2015 21:18

  • says :
    earth hour is necessary now (y)
    Posted 22-10-2015 10:42

  • says :
    I hope soon everybody will be now about Earth Hour. Very interesting information. Thank))
    Posted 11-02-2015 14:35

  • says :
    "Earth hour" , every one every city must take part every year
    Posted 03-12-2014 02:35

  • says :
    Posted 25-11-2014 19:22

  • says :
    We turned off all lights, fans, air-conditions... and we had a parade and also rode bikes with banners about saving resources or protect the environment on Earth Hour.
    Posted 22-11-2014 03:09

  • says :
    My country have lot of activities for the Earth Hour. I atended them too. That was awesome. :D
    Posted 22-11-2014 03:04

  • says :
    Posted 19-11-2014 20:41

  • says :
    hmm, me too..
    Posted 06-02-2014 11:55

  • says :
    liked it

    Posted 31-12-2013 20:19

  • says :
    truely inspired

    Posted 31-12-2013 20:07

  • says :
    thanks for the info
    Posted 31-12-2013 01:33

  • says :
    good sharing
    Posted 30-12-2013 03:10

  • says :
    i goona obeserved my world now
    Posted 29-12-2013 18:24

  • says :
    nice one
    Posted 28-12-2013 02:38

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    Posted 24-12-2013 11:06

  • says :
    thanks for sharing UNEP
    Posted 22-12-2013 20:05

  • says :
    me too.. surely observe it
    Posted 19-12-2013 02:20

  • says :
    i too will observe earth hour from next year onwards
    Posted 08-11-2013 23:01

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