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[Feature] The Commitment for Global Challenge, 'I Will If You Will'

by Eco Generation | 30-09-2013 13:47 Comments 13 recommendations 0

The Commitment for Global Challenge, 
'I Will If You Will'

Jonghyun Lee
Country Manager, WWF Earth Hour Korea

WWF's Earth Hour that has carried out the campaign, 'Switching off the lights for 60 minutes,' initiated 'I Will If You Will(IWIYW),' the commitment for global challenge to encourage people to make positive actions. 'I Will If You Will(IWIYW)' is a commitment as well as a promise that people set to make the earth's environment the better, with their diverse and fun challenges across the globe. Of course, organizations, corporations, and governments can join. 

You can simply participate in 'I Will If You Will(IWIYW)' 

   First, determine the commitment for challenge as "I will _______, if you will ______ for global environment" on the YouTube platform(www.youtube.com/earthhour) and keep a promise if a certain number of people commit to take an action for the environment.

   When you set a promise, you can use your capabilities and talents you have. 

   Last year, a world-famous supermodel Miranda Kerr pledged to carry out a free yoga class if 500 people upload their own I Will If You Will challenge, and finally she could keep a promise for the environment thanks to people' positive participation for 'I Will If You Will.' 

   In addition, the Executive Director of Greenpeace International, Kumi Naidoo completed his promise, "I would dye my beard green during the Rio+20 conference if 10,000 people commit to supporting Earth Hour."

   In 2012, nearly 10,000 IWIYWs were posted on the YouTube platform and more than 4.5 million people took part in IWIYW, the commitment for the global challenge.

   Hollywood star, Jessica Alba who became the newest global ambassador for Earth Hour this year also made a commitment lately, "I will let our kids dress me for work for one day if 10,000 people commit to switch to using non-toxic products in their home." 

   'I Will If You Will' has leaped to a pledge of action for global environmental protection with people's voluntary participation. 

   What can be brilliant and inspiring challenges? Please create and share your inventive and fun challenges to protect and save the one planet. 

   The hero for I will If You Will is you, young people.

Participation methods for I will If You Will campaign.

Exciting and simple promises can save our earth's environment!

   You can do it by joining I will If You Will campaign. 

The basic structure for I will If You Will campaign is "I will_______, if you will_______."

   For instance, if you want to make the school greener, you can set a commitment like "I will plant five trees, if five friends of mine help clean the playground," or "I will not use disposable products for a month if 100 people sign on my Youtube website," as environmental journalist, Lee Ji-won did. In this way you can take part in the I will If You Will campaign. 

   The part of 'If You Will' on the Youtube IWIYW Platform shows a preselected list of actions on how you can protect the environment in everyday life. 

   The predetermined 'If You Will' differs from country to country. In Korea, 'If You Will' is designed in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment. 

The list of If You Will for Korea is as below. 

1. If you unplug appliances when they are not in use,
2. If you use your personal cup to reduce the use of disposable paper cups,
3. If you install 'Greentouch' in your personal computer at work and home,
4. If you keep the optimal indoor temperature, 
   (Keep temperature below 20C in winter, above 28C in summer)
5. If you lessen car use one or more days a week,
6. If you use a shopping basket in a market or store,
7. If you use stairs under fourth floor, 
8. If you participate in Earth Hour-Global campaign for turning off lights every year,

   If the designated number of people accept your challenge, it is time for you to put it into practice. Your challenge for 'I Will' does not really have to be relevant to environmental protection. An idea for a challenge can be fun and pleasant like the Executive Director of Greenpeace International's idea of coloring his beard green or it can be a personal goal like a diet. 'I will' encourages you to create a fun and entertaining challenge because what matters is that 'I Will' and 'You Will,' united into one with pleasure and delightfulness, bring the positive outcome for global environmental protection.

   I Will If You Will campaign is a fun play that you can enjoy with your friends and colleagues. Make a film about how you accomplished your challenge and share your story by uploading it on the Youtube platform. Of course, it would be nice if you advertised your story through online channels such as SNS, websites, Cafe/Club communities, and blogs. Let us know about your interesting and brilliant works to protect our planet. 

Youtube Platfomr for participating I Will If You Will campaign 


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