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[Feature] Must-Watch Environmental YouTube Channels of 2019

by Eco Generation | 17-12-2019 09:11 Comments 12 recommendations 0

Arjun Anand (UAE)
  • Arjun is a Grade 9 student based in Sharjah, UAE.
    He is currently a TUNZA Eco-generation Regional Ambassador.
  • WWF International Channel
  • Hi friends, I am a person who spends hours on YouTube on various channels. My YouTube interest varies from Ted Talks, Rubik’s cube solving videos, online news, Science facts etc. Among the environmental videos I am a regularly watch videos from WWF International Channel. This channel has around 131k subscribers and around 524 videos. Almost all videos are short so it captivates your attention and gives you the required information in a short span. I definitely recommend you this channel for its content.
  • Asmita Gaire (Nepal)
  • Greetings! I am Asmita Gaire, the most inspirational ambassador of 22nd term from Tunza Eco Generation and currently, I am Tunza 23rd Regional ambassador from Nepal. I am an undergraduate student in veterinary science and animal husbandry from Institute of agriculture and animal science Nepal. I am an environment activist in my region and have always been awaring people and been successful to implement various environment conserving acts among children and youth of today's century through various programs, workshop, presentation and demonstration. Now, my main focus is among orphanage children and you can watch my latest action clicking the given link. https://youtu.be/oUXbM8LBQRs
  • Our Changing Climate
  • Our changing climate is a weekly video essay series that investigates humanity relationship to the nature world. It started on December 9, 2016. There are many YouTube channels I have been following with however, most of the channels haven't gained their continuity but this YouTube channel is continuously working to aware people, answering all the daily curiosity of people about natural world. The content in the videos are always user desirable and apprising. Videos contain entertaining explanations, animations, indispensable science news, stories and ideas that make learning beautiful. Moreover the video quality, photos, background music and narration is so catchy that you always get entertained watching. I watch this YouTube channel with my younger brother, friends and also with my parents; meaning thereby it is liked by all the ages of people. Videos are always in brief with desired information and I have also used this video in various environment related to awareness campaigns in presentation which is highly enjoyed by children along with young people. This channel has got 205k subscriber but I still think it should be shared among more mass of the people for its meaningful content.
  • Binita Suwal (Nepal)
  • It's me Binita Suwal, One of the new members in TUNZA platform learning many from this platform and hoping to learn more. The girl who dreams for a green future with uncountable trees for oxygen, ocean with pure water, free from plastic, and enjoys the open sky and nature for hobby. I am an agriculture student.
  • Conservation International
  • Conservation International is one of the channels with of course less subscriber than others in comparison but the best environmental video maker on YouTube. The contents are mainly based on the nature. Voice of nature is its beauty that creates great impact on the minds of people. The scenario it shows will definitely make people feel love toward nature. The best part of this video is that the nature says "Human needs me, his future depends on me. When I thrive you thrive". So, I recommend this channel to the true environment lover whose motto is to make better future. And I believe this channel will convert the saying I, Me and Myself to My Earth, My World and My Environment.
  • Justice Obiri (Ghana)
  • I am Obiri Amoako Justice (TUNZA Eco Generation Ambassador to Ghana), and I am honored to be the guest editor for this monthly event. The general good of the nature around us in my interest and as the chance has been given to introduce a YouTube channel that talks about the environment, it is my wish that we all checkout this channel and see the true reflection of what I have written in my recommendation.
  • BBC Earth
  • I recommend the above YouTube Channel because the videos that are uploaded there are stories that connect you to the natural world. The videos are very educative and very informative. New species of living things and their survival techniques are all inclusive on this channel. From rescuing of animals to protecting of the environment and ecosystem as a whole, everything on this channel will just glue you to your seats even if you are not a nature enthusiast as you admire nature and perhaps have a different way of treating nature. Videos are uploaded frequently on this channel, meaning the auditors and researchers never go to sleep on the job. At the latest, videos are uploaded within a day or two. Rating out of 10, I will definitely give this YouTube channel a 10 without the slightest doubt.
  • Nguyen Bao Phuc (Vietnam)
  • My name is Nguyen Bao Phuc. I am currently a third-year business student at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok, Thailand. I have participated in a variety of environment-related programs at the Bangkok's United Nations and in Malaysia, etc. My goal is to have a project in the near future that can help promote the awareness of how negatively some national traditions can have an impact on the environment, for example joss-paper burning.
  • Now This Future
  • "Now This Future" explores how science and technology innovations can play a big part in contributing to a sustainable living environment. Through the channel, viewers are able to learn about a variety of things ranging from an ocean cleanup project using the latest technology, to what green burial is and how a city can be switched to 100% renewable energy, etc. The channel will no doubt take you by surprise with its creative contents and innovative environment-related ideas. I recommend this channel and I believe through the channel, youths would be motivated to be more creative in finding out solutions to tackle with environmental issues, using the means of science and technology. The channel also challenges viewers to have more integrity on their journey of protecting and sustaining the environment.
  • Kushal Naharki (Nepal)
  • Kushal Naharki is an undergraduate student of Agriculture at Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Lamjung actively involved in the field of Youth Empowerment, Agriculture and Environment. He is the Eco Hero Award 2018 winner and working as Regional Ambassador to World, TUNZA Eco-Generation.
  • Grist
  • At Grist, we find reasons for hope and optimism every day with stories on under-covered topics like clean energy, sustainable food, livable cities, environmental justice, and a better economy. They elevate solutions, expose inequity, and give viewers the context, knowledge, and tools to make a difference.
  • National Geographic
  • Is there anyone who is has never heard of National Geographic? National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. This channel was weekly schedule and Environment is premiered on Tuesday.
  • UN Environment Programme
  • UNEP provides leadership and encourages partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and its people to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations. This channel uploads the videos of the work done by UNEP and environmental awareness related videos you must not miss out.

    • Rachu Khanal says :
      Thanks for this amazing collection on environmental clips
      Posted 31-03-2020 07:55

    Sanjay Poudel

    • Sanjay Poudel says :
      Thank you for great work for tunza...member...
      Posted 11-03-2020 13:32

    Nitipak Ratapipat

    • Nitipak Ratapipat says :
      Thank you for sharing information. Very impressive.
      Posted 02-02-2020 14:02

    Diana Gamazova

    • Diana Gamazova says :
      Love these programs sooo much!!!! Thanks for shearing!!!
      Posted 27-01-2020 22:00

    Arjun Anand

    • Arjun Anand says :
      thank you tunza for adding me in this feature and congragulations to all others
      Posted 30-12-2019 23:35

    Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas


    • ALOK DHAKAL says :
      Congratulations to all!!
      Posted 23-12-2019 21:27

    Sagar  Koirala

    Asmita Gaire

    • Asmita Gaire says :
      It's cool
      Thank you so much Tunza Eco Generation
      Congratulations to all&#128515
      Posted 21-12-2019 02:46

    Nguyen Bao Phuc

    • Nguyen Bao Phuc says :
      Thank you Tunza! I am grateful for your selection! :)

      Posted 20-12-2019 13:51

    Justice Obiri

    • Justice Obiri says :
      Wow, I am glad to see mine selected as well, Thanks Tunza Ecogeneration
      Posted 20-12-2019 13:12

    Kushal Naharki

    • Kushal Naharki says :
      Thank you.
      Glad to see my input getting selected.
      Congratulations to all the winners
      Posted 19-12-2019 11:18

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