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[Feature] Must-Read Environmental Books of 2020

by Eco Generation | 16-09-2020 17:14 Comments 8 recommendations 0

  • Aarati_KhatriAarati Khatri

    Aarati Khatri is an avid-learner and young nature conservationist from Nepal. Currently, she is undergraduate studying in the Institute of Forestry, Pokhara, Nepal. She is also the core member of Female Forester Nepal and has been working on different environment conservation projects in collaboration with the District Forest office, Nepal. She is interested in climate change, wildlife photography, gender sensitization and capacity building of vulnerable group, caring and saving forest and nature
  • No one is too small to make a differenceNo one is too small to make a difference

    By Greta Thunberg

    The book entitled ‘No one is too small to make a difference’ by a young climate activist Greta Thunberg has numerous track of the speeches and demonstrations made by her addressing the global burning issues Climate change and its crisis all around the world. This is personally my favorite book as the young climate change activist has inspired the change throughout the world. The 15-year young Swedish girl has now become the voice of the generation. Her speech is soo powerful that it has struck the normal people to the great leaders to rethink and act logically in environmental issues. This book is about the young hope that this young girl has planted in the conservation world. Despite having a certain illness, her devotion to nature and unshakable determination to be a change and inspire change is very praiseworthy. The conservation enthusiasm will find the speech of Greta that is addressed in this book very appealing. This book will definitely inspire the reader to be climate optimistic. This book contains the action of generation. Though this book doesn’t have an adequate consistent plot, but the readers will definitely appreciate the unbeatable effort of this young climate activist, Greta Thunberg.
  • AlokAlok Dhakal

    Hello everyone, I hope you all are fine there. I am Alok Dhakal, undergrad BVSc and AH from Bharatpur, Nepal. My hobbies are reading books and surfing internet.
  • How_to_give_up_plastic_AlokHow to Give Up Plastic, a Guide to Changing the World, One Plastic Bottle at a Time

    By Will McCallum

    The usage of plastic has been burning issue. The impact that plastic has been having on ecosystems has extended past the environmental field. There should be rational and minimal sue of plastic. This book is all about the guide to remove usage of plastic from out life. This book is divided between: environmental facts and statistics that convenience reader to give up use of plastic, Ways to reduce plastic consumption and Interview with people who work on reducing plastic pollution. The book is small sized format consisting of various chapters. The interesting fact is that the author corresponds to one part of a house and tries readers to explain how we can stop using plastic in bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and children’s room. The author tries to explain about how single use of plastic items pollute our planet and why the problem is in alarming state. He explains about the history of plastic pollution and tries to influence readers for contributing to save animals, humans, plants (Planet with all species). Another chapter is about how we can adopt plastic free life. He tries to make reader aware about plastic pollution and the author gives us various important and useful tips to make a zero waste life. The author provides reusable alternatives. From carrying a reusable straw, to catching microfibers when you wash your garments, to throwing plastic-free parties, he tries to clarify the ways to reduce plastic waste. The next part of book is specially focused for the people who have stopped using disposable plastic on daily schedule. The authors want these type of readers to raise their voice and teach other about this. He also shares about the use of social and traditional media. Few interviews with fighter against plastic pollution are also there.
  • SagarSagar Koirala

    Sagar Koirala is a final semester undergraduate agriculture student from Nepal. He is involved in numerous organization and is currently country ambassador of Eco Generation to Nepal. He has been awarded with numerous titles and awards like Hidden Eco Hero Award 2019 and has been advocating for climate since few years. He is passionate about SDGs, Climate issues, opportunity, agro-tourism, digital governance, entrepreneurship and youth empowerment.
  • How_to_Give_Up_Plastic_SagarHow to Give up Plastic (A Guide to Changing the World, One Plastic bottle at a time)

    By Mr. Will McCallum

    By Mr. Will McCallum It is a small, easy to read and self-reflective book focusing on serious issue of Plastic pollution. Plastic was invented around 113 years back but have today engineered world into a dirty, polluted and inhabitable planet. One rubbish truck full of plastic enters oceans every minute. McCallum has focused even on minute details like how washing polyester clothes in washing machines releases micro plastics which are flushed down the drain slowly making their way into the underground water in the book, which is pretty impressive information. In the beginning of the book, he focuses about history of plastics, how they affect biodiversity and environment, various facts about plastic especially single use plastics, plastic bottles and plastic straws. However, in the later portion of the book he discusses on how to adopt alternatives of plastics, create plastic free plan and minimize pollution. He gives various tips on alternatives of plastic bags while shopping, urges to buy less packaged food and avoid using too much water bottles and plastic straws. The author also urges readers to create a daily plastic free plan and execute it into our life. He has even mentioned the history of fight with plastic pollution and recent initiatives taken by various nations to tackle the problem of plastic pollution. It has interviews of many eco-heroes who are fighting plastic pollution since few years in large scale. I recommend everyone to invest your valuable time in reading it. It is written in simple language, is short, possesses well- researched facts and is enlightening and informative. Though the author is not a professional writer, but an individual with in-depth knowledge about various aspects of pollution. He wants to share his knowledge and convince readers to seek alternatives of plastic and want to see a better planet for everyone. It is a must read book for anyone who is passionate about environment.
  • Bal_Krishna PandeyBal krishna Pandey

    Hello, my name is Bal Krishna Pandey, internee of Veterinary Science in Nepal. I have been involving in Tunza Eco Generation for a year as an ambassador. I love to be in nature and wildlife is my favorite topic.
  • A_Pocket_Photo_Guide_to_the_Birds_of_NepalA Pocket Photo Guide to the Birds of Nepal

    By Prajwal Pradhan

    The book includes scientific information about birds, Nepali name, voice, habitat, bait, photo description and IUCN status. This book, which contains information on a page with a beautiful picture of a bird, raises interest in birds. The book provides information about 252 species of birds found in Nepal, not only about the birds, but also about the time and place to see them. General information includes bird’s common name, scientific name, average length, and difference in male and female with their appearance and characteristics. The book includes some photos taken from 1992 to 2016. This is very handy book can be useful for bird watchers, hikers / trekkers, students, tourists and even for teenagers to identify birds. Recently, the practice of hiking has increased among the youth. Taking this book along with you while hiking will help you to get to know the birds and make hiking more exciting. In this beautiful book, the names of the birds are written in both Nepali and English, which makes it easy for Nepalis with language problems to pick them up.
    Nepal is one of the most popular places for bird watchers in the world as many species of birds are found in the small geography. According to the Nepal Bird Conservation Association, there are 876 species of birds in Nepal. About 10,500 species of birds have been found in the world, according to the International Bird Experts Union. Neighboring countries with vast geography, China and India, have about 1,314 and 1,266 species of birds, respectively, according to official figures. But Nepal, which has a geography 22 times smaller than India, has about 876 species of birds. Out of which 100 species of birds can be found in a day in Chitwan National Park. So, this book is very useful to gain knowledge about the birds and their biodiversity.
  • JiataJiata Ekele

    I love the narrative writing style and creativity. I am a graduate of Plant Science and Biotechnology and I love and appreciate nature.
  • Desert_SolitaireDesert Solitaire

    By Edward Abbey

    This book is like an unusual love letter to solitude. It is an autobiography of Edward Abbey’s experiences with nature - exploring the wilderness, running rivers, animals, plants, geography and climates around national monuments.
  • MeenaMeena Pandey

    Hello everyone, I am Meena Pandey from Nepal. I am an undergrad student at Tribhuvan University, IAAS Paklihawa campus, Nepal.
  • There_is_no_planet_BThere Is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years

    By Mike Berners-Lee

    I find this book very useful answering lots of queries on the environment. There are separate sections on work, diet, business and many more, exploring these areas with various facts to explain them. I found biofuels are really not a viable energy source in a larger scale that’s made me feel energy section more interesting. Author presents analogies to help us understand of each point that is raised. I recommend all environment enthusiast to read this book.
  • SonikaSonika Pariyar

    I am Sonika Pariyar from Nepal, currently perusing my Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture. I have been actively been using Tunza from past 6 month. Being agricultural student I connect agriculture with environment and how agriculture can help to solve different burning issues like climate change.
  • A_Bright_FutureA Bright Future

    By Joshua S. Goldstein and Staffan A. Qvist

    The book primarily focus on the different strategies how some countries have solved Climate change and the rest can follow it. Few books can credibly claim to offer a way to save the world, but this book does .Climate change is the most pressing issue facing humanity today .The world is now facing a crises as its growing energy use, almost entirely with cheap and convenient fossil fuels , threatens disastrous consequences for the Earth’s Climate. According to the writer if we think climate is a serious problem, we have bad assumption; it’s worse than we think. Emission of CO2 is going up year by year and do in earth temperature. If emission stopped rising, we would still be putting CO2 into the atmosphere at high rate, and the concentration of atmospheric CO2 would keep going up. The CO2 concentration has already risen from about 280 parts per million (ppm) before industrialization about 410 ppm currently.Since,CO2 stays in the atmosphere for hundreds of years and nobody has yet invented a cheap and effective way to remove it, every ton we put into the air will stay there a long time. In 21th century, the fastest- growing energy in the world is coal, the most CO2 intensive and toxic of fossil fuels. Together, the fossil fuels-coal, oil, and methane -supply 85% of the world’s energy and the main sources of CO2 emissions. That percentage has to be quickly, in just a few decades, reduced to near zero, a herculean task on a global scale. Sweden stands out for its success in rapid decarbonization .From 1970 to 10990,Sweden cut its carbon emissions by half and its emission per cut its total carbon emissions by half and its emission per person by more than 60 %.At the same time, Sweden‘s economy expanded by 50% , and its electricity generation more than doubled. Instead of expanding use of fossil fuels such as oil to cover its growing demands, Sweden built a series of power plants using a new energy sources called karnkraft. This source is carbon - free like hydropower, cheaper than imported oil, much less harmful to health than coal, and incredibly concentrated. One pounds of karnkraft fuel produces the same energy as more than 2 million pounds of coal. In this book ,there are different path that different countries followed to reduce emission of CO2 and ultimately reduce Climate change like Green Energiwende (Energy transition) in Germany , what can be done for bright future of earth , how to act globally to fights against climate change and many more. Bright Future is my favorite book as it gives detailed information on climate change, its status in the world, how to act globally to solve the problem of climate change. Different strategy adopted by different country in the world which has created as example which we can follow. I would like to recommend all the eco-warrior to go through one of the book, BRIGHT FUTURE.
  • YushikaYushika Subedi

    Yushika Subed, a Climate Activist, I am studying Bachelors in Agriulture, at IAAS, Tribhuvan University.
  • RisingRising

    By Elizabeth Rush

    This book is one of the bests if you are a die-hard nature lover. This book is a definite yes to the individuals who spend more time in conducting campaigns and getting oneself engaged mostly in climate protection and environment protection activities. She has so beautifully explained the chaos of natural calamities on the economic status and lifestyle of humans of Silicon Valley. This book incorporates the story of person becoming refugees and she has clearly mentioned the reason to be climate change and not just natural calamity occurring all of a sudden. Best part of this book is, it has also mentioned how we can cope up with this knowledge before it’s too late.

    Juvairiyah Batool

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