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[Feature] Must-Watch Environmental YouTube Channels of 2020

by Eco Generation | 10-12-2020 12:04 Comments 8 recommendations 0

  • AsmitaAsmita Gaire (Nepal)

    Namaskar, I am Asmita Gaire from country with biodiversity, Nepal. I am an undergraduate in veterinary science and animal husbandry from Institute of agriculture and animal science, Paklihawa. My inclination towards animals, plants and ecosystem is from the day when I have known myself. I have a dream to see the world moving with "One Health Approach" for Sustainable future. Let's live sustainably for today and tomorrow.
  • BBC Earth
  • Watching the channel, and making recommendation among circle has always been my interest. I must say, in this COVID 19 scenario, we although have been limited in physical mobility, but we can reach wherever we want in virtual. We can observe every physiological process happening in the environment. It is possible because we have technology in our hand. I am always interested to get into the diverse subject matter related to the Earth. Earth is itself a huge planet. Although, I am getting locked inside the home, still I am able to make a safari virtually. For this, I chosed "BBC Earth" YouTube Channel. Yes, it is a very nature friendly channel. It has 8.57 M subscribers with 1,886 videos till now.

    The range of subscribers itself depict how people are influenced by this channel. This channel has a long history, and it's consistently updating the viewers with a new and interesting content every time. It updates from tiny creatures to huge animals. From animals to plants. From aquatic to terrestrial ecosystem. In nutshell, it always makes viewers feel proud to have a perfect planet. It updates documentary that always makes me feel joyous, and like I am being there in real not watching in reel or virtually. So, don't get mistaken to loose a golden chance to enjoy the perfect planet from home. So, book a virtual and free ticket subscribing the channel to get update on every seconds..
  • DalimaDalima Thapa (India)

    Hello, I am Dalima Thapa and I'm currently a 3rd year undergraduate student of Bsc.(Honors) Agriculture from India. I am a very new member to the TUNZA ECO-GENERATION family and I have a great passion of learning more about a sustainable green environment. Through this opportunity, I would like to work towards a Green future.
  • Nature Connection
  • Nature Connection is a channel containing very short educational videos about nature and its importance. It brings forth the connection between nature and people in all its forms. With subscribers of 35.3k, it is one of the most simple yet informative channels developing over time. I have been following this channel since I got introduced to a sustainable lifestyle and I found this channel a great one as it contains great information on recreating natural spaces, sustaining long-term environmental gains, understanding climate, climate change & global warming, danger of plastic waste and pollution and preserving biodiversity and wildlife.It is a channel where we can learn the importance of being connected with nature and educates us on carrying out safe, nature-friendly projects.
  • JusticeJustice Obiri (Ghana)

    I am Obiri Amoako Justice, an environmental based writer and enthusiast. I am currently enrolled with California Institute of Arts studying Visual Elements and User Interface Design.
  • BBC Earth Kids
  • When it comes to YouTube, channels have flooded it like the eggs of a toad. The toad lays plenty of eggs but just a few survives to grow into another toad. With YouTube, there several channels but only a few talk about the environment. I personally love to watch videos on YouTube and so does everybody. One popular channel that I love so much is the BBC cluster.

    BBC has a lot of channels on YouTube, some include; BBC Earth, BBC News, BBC Africa, BBC, BBC Arabic, and many more. An outstanding channel in terms of its coverage on the Environmental is the BBC Earth channel, but I am not writing about it today.

    BBC has an environmental channel for kids! Yes for kids. I believe the future lies the hands of the youth and the youth exits because there are children who would grow to become the youth. The name of the channel is BBC Earth Kids, suggesting that the channel is purposely meant for kids. That notwithstanding, I have learnt a lot from this same channel which means, the channel can teach both the old and the young. The channel teaches kids to love the environment, protect and love organisms in the environment. It teaches to draw animals in their simplest form and I would advise any visual artist out there to check the skills being applied there because they are very easy to learn and much fun to do. So if there is any parent out there reading this, as lockdowns are being enforced around the entire world, let your kids get closer to the environment by allowing them to watch the tons of videos uploaded by BBC Earth Kids on YouTube.
  • KamakshiKamakshi Bali (India)

    I am a sophomore studying in India and a Tunza Eco-Generation member since last year. I hope to utilize this platform to spread awareness about the growing environmental problems and how we can help minimize it.
  • The Dodo
  • The Dodo is an American media brand focused on telling animals' stories and spreading the importance of animal rights thereby encouraging people to help animals. I have seen many videos of The Dodo, and it always keeps me in thrall. What one sees, creates a lasting impression of humanity and motivates to be a good human being, helping animals at times of need. It also makes us appreciate the existence of humans who try their best to help the animals, thus making all of us cherish mankind.

    It is personally my favorite not only because it spreads the message of mankind, but also inspires me to help animals and encourage my peers to do the same. I want to appreciate the members behind the team of Dodo, and that they're doing a wonderful job!
  • SagarKoiralaSagar Koirala (Nepal)

    Sagar Koirala is a SDG, climate change, sustainable agri-food system and youth activist from Nepal.
  • National Geographic
  • National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular environment and wildlife related youtube channel. The 15.8 million subscribed channelis quite popular in most parts of the world. I have been watching it since 2013 and loved its contents. Nat Geo has a team of world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, who makes the content enjoying and worth-watch. They also have weekly schedule for contents. History and Culture is showcased on Sunday and similarly, Nature, Environment, Exploration, Science, Fun Facts and Travel & Adventure respectively from Monday to Saturday.

    There is hardly any children or youth who have never heard of Nat Geo. It is one of my most viewed youtube channel. It is quite unique compared to its contemporary channels as it has great following in my country Nepal as well. I recommend everyone to watch this channel and it is must watch channel for anyone with deep passion on environment sector.


    Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas

    Sushant Hugge

    • Sushant Hugge says :
      Really good 👍👍
      Posted 07-08-2021 19:48

    Olaoye Philip

    • Olaoye Philip says :
      Great, Thanks for this
      Posted 08-07-2021 01:56

    Justice Obiri

    • Justice Obiri says :
      Amazing, I'm glad to see my recommendation there as well, Thank you Eco Generation
      Posted 19-12-2020 12:38

    Sagar  Koirala

    • Sagar Koirala says :
      Thank You for featuring my recommendation.
      Posted 17-12-2020 18:29

    Paras Kunwar

    Eco Generation

    • Eco Generation says :
      @Asmita - thank you for your participation!! :)
      Posted 15-12-2020 11:29

    Asmita Gaire

    • Asmita Gaire says :
      Very happy to see the recommended channels being highlighted.
      Posted 15-12-2020 00:50

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