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[Feature] Save Our World

by Eco Generation | 26-11-2013 17:04 Comments 22 recommendations 0

Sub title

Short animated film aimed to educate the younger generation about the importance of doing the small things in order to look after our planet.

Save Our World 

We are living in a beautiful world with various beauties in nature. But these are affected by flood,earth quakes,hurricanes and drought. What are we going to do for our future? Climate change is the main reason for the destruction of our world. In this vedio we come to know that scientists tell that the whole earth within 50years will be covered with 20cm of water. So use renewable sources of energy, recycle and share the information to all you know. "Together WE Can Make a difference"

Recommended by Guru Vishnu Mathivanan


  • says :
    Thanks for posting....
    Posted 08-07-2016 22:34

  • says :
    I will defiantly be taking all of those tips and sharing them with my family. thank you for the video.
    Posted 30-10-2015 20:40

  • says :
    Very good animation
    Posted 25-10-2015 06:49

  • says :
    Wow ! We should indeed be concerned about our future and save the Eco system from further destruction. Such forums help us exchange ideas on how each one of us could contribute in some small way and secure our future
    Posted 24-10-2015 21:35

  • says :
    it's a true fact...
    Posted 11-01-2015 23:32

  • says :
    most business managing groups know the fact, but never interested in doing this because of their money making policy.
    Posted 03-12-2014 02:12

  • says :
    Posted 25-11-2014 19:22

  • says :
    very short and simple targeted for young children, i think its brilliant
    Posted 24-11-2014 03:21

  • says :
    What a cute and enriching video :) thank you for posting
    Posted 14-11-2014 23:29

  • says :
    really nice.recycle,reuse,reduce is a true fact.so,don't waste carry bags.
    Posted 21-10-2014 16:55

  • says :
    Save this article , save our world
    Posted 31-01-2014 15:08

  • says :
    Thanks for posting! :)
    Posted 18-01-2014 15:55

  • says :
    interesting video
    Posted 31-12-2013 01:32

  • says :
    thanks for the share
    Posted 30-12-2013 03:10

  • says :
    good share
    Posted 29-12-2013 18:24

  • says :
    thanks for sharing
    Posted 28-12-2013 02:39

  • says :
    This makes so much sense to me,i watched it twice because it pushed me to think about what we could do TOGETHER. So why dont ve hold each others hands and protect the world together?It is ours,there is not an other planet to live and personnally i want to leave a good future to the future generations.
    Posted 26-12-2013 03:00

  • says :
    Posted 24-12-2013 11:05

  • says :
    good animation
    Posted 22-12-2013 20:04

  • says :
    very true
    Posted 19-12-2013 02:18

  • says :
    very much true fact
    Posted 17-12-2013 19:47

  • says :
    true fact. our earth is beautiful. it is also the only planet with everything a human needs in order to survive. think before you do something. be more concerned about our future generation.

    Posted 03-12-2013 20:55

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