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Africa bulletin

Africa bulletin

[Africa bulletin] After More Than A Year

by | 29-11-2015 16:12 Comments 1 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

I was Tunza Eco-generation's Ambassador to Uganda for 6 months and decided not to renew my tenure due to crazy schedules and I felt that there was not much I could do.

Fast forward to 2015, with the schedule still tight, I am totally giving it my all this time as we need to protect that which matters to us the most - the planet we live in.

A lot of degradation has been going on and Tunza ambassadors have really been doing a lot (I would want to point out Arushi Madam, she has been going quite a lot, as well as Alexander C. ) and many more.

I'm back and I'm here to work as well as stay. My contributions will be more on this forum as well as on other social media platforms. Over time, and should responsibility call, I'll take the campaign offline as well.

Thank you Tunza Eco-generation for providing this platform for us.


Prakriti Dhakal

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