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[Africa bulletin] WHERE HAS IT GONE, WHERE?

by | 10-03-2014 22:04 Comments 4 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

The African culture that is more of a norm, i mean of planting trees in every house for shade is gradually fading away. When I was a bit younger, my dad and I were fund of going under the mango tree and relaxing, feeling the fresh air but, now, I have grown up a bit and I have found out that people, even Africans, no longer value what we cherished, trees! It used to be a custom that at least a family should have a tree, either for relaxation or for its produce, where has that tradition gone to? where has it gone?



  • says :
    I understand your feeling I wish it all was not lost.
    Posted 27-11-2014 11:48

  • says :
    My house had a small garden before but It all be cut down a year ago.
    Posted 27-11-2014 11:47

  • says :
    so sad to hear this. We lost many valueable things when we grow up.
    Posted 27-11-2014 11:46

  • says :
    When I was a little girl, our family grew lots of trees in our garden but now, we only merely have a small farm for vegetables. So sad ...
    Posted 11-03-2014 08:46

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