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[Middle East Bulletin] Turkey and The Middle East in 1990's

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With the end of the cold war, and particularly following the Gulf War, Turkey abandoned its low-profile posture in the Middle East for a more activist regional role. The Kurdish issue, the single most impor- tant item on the county's domestic and foreign policy agendas, has also had important implications for Turkey's Middle East policy, fur- ther exacerbating longstanding problems with Syria that in turn con- tributed to Ankara's decision to sign a military agreement with Israel, The rise to power of the Islamist Refah party in July 1996 in a coali- tion government is likely to have significant implicationsf or the coun- ty's identity and relations both with the West and the Islamic world. 
THE 1990s REPRESENT AN ERA OF CONSIDERABLE ferment in Turkey's relations with the Middle East. Not only has a host of new issues come to the fore and become part of Turkish foreign policy, but the domestic context of the for- eign policy-making processes is changing rapidly as well. Clearly, after de- cades of discreet disengagement from its Middle Eastern environment, Turkey has become a more active player in the international politics of the region. This is reflected in a number of issues ranging from developments in northern Iraq and the future of the Kurds to Ankara's pursuit of a more proactive policy vis-2-vis Damascus aimed at undermining Syrian support of the separatist Kurdish guerrilla organization, the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK). Turkey's greater focus on its Middle Eastern neighborhood comes at a time when the country's Islamist Refah (Welfare) party, having increased its electoral popularity to become the largest party in the parliament, controls governmental power through a coalition with the center-right True Path Party. The rise to power of Refah, which long has advocated closer ties with the Islamic states, has significant implications for Turkey's relations with the Middle East


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