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[Middle East Bulletin] Pollution is the most serious.

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Pollution is the most serious threat to the environment, what caused the harm and damage to human life or the lives of other species, or harm the living conditions and human activities, or dividends of civilization, has been wasted and eliminates the initial resources. The fact is that pollution long everything in life ..

The pollution has become a major problem given a lot of interest in view of the negative effects of Noaiip human life. Contaminants up to the human body in the air we breathed in the water which he drinks and food that is eaten in the voices heard, not to mention the effects of eminent Caused by pollutants property rights and resources different environment. The depletion of environmental resources renewable and non-renewable, it is an issue that threatens the lives of future generations [].
It is unfortunate that most of the factors causing the pollution is man-made factors, and have grown more serious with industrial progress, and with the huge expansion in the use of energy, increased economic development projects, especially those that ignored the environmental issue and neglected environmental protection and conservation.
If checked the sources of air pollution, find what you are but remnants of the different industrial - waste combustion energy (coal, oil, gas) - exhaust gas cars - atomic radiation, chemicals leading to ozone depletion, greenhouse gas emissions from human activities different and lead to changes climate, and others.
Another source of water pollution: industrial waste and human and animal pollution from sewage, fertilizers, medicines, pesticides, and waste water.
Another source of soil pollution: industrial waste and agricultural and human resources, decline of vegetation, soil, desertification, salinization, erosion, destruction of forests and trees, poor investment agricultural land, urban expansion at the expense of green areas, dumping of nuclear waste, chemical residues of agricultural fertilizers and pesticides, and others.
There is food contamination, and it causes poisoning kills thousands each year and has a disability for thousands of other human beings.
As well as noise pollution, or noise, and the most important sources: the noise spread in communities, industrial areas and workshops, and to the vicinity of airports, railway stations, and others.
Thus, the pollution is divided generally into: Pollution material: such as pollution of air, water and soil. And the contamination of non-material: Kaldaudhae produced by automobile engines and machinery, workshops, machinery and other, causing the noise affects the nerves of the rights and appends a lot of harm physiological and psychological damage, which may elicit nerves of the rights and increase of tension and jitters. In addition to organic damage - injury deaf hearing device Oouklp hearing.

In fact, the environmental pollution phenomenon to us all, to the extent that the environment is no longer able to renew its natural resources, jeopardized the balance between the elements of dysfunctional, no longer of these elements are able to analyze the remnants of Rights, or consumption of waste resulting from the activities of different. And became larger cities polluted by smoke rising from the exhaust from cars, and gas rising from the chimneys of factories and power plants, and agricultural soils contaminated as a result of the intensive and indiscriminate use of fertilizers and pesticides, agricultural .. objects and even living things did not disturb this pollution .. many of them are stored in the tissues of living rate of some heavy ****ls .. has not delivered the waterways of this pollution .. Femiah rivers and lakes in many places are in a deplorable state, as a result can receive the remnants of industry, and human waste and infected pollution Lakes closed and the open sea on both .. also led the industrial progress enormous to make an enormous pressure on many natural resources .. Especially those non-renewable resources such as coal, oil, oil and some minerals and groundwater, and natural resources that I configured to the expiration of Ages geological long time, and irreplaceable human life. I have accompanied this industrial progress tremendous progress of human appearance of new types of resources, chemical were not known to nature before .. Escalated some of the harmful gases from the smokestacks of factories and polluted air, and threw these plants Bmkhalafadtha and toxic chemical waste in lakes and rivers. Prodigal people in the use of insecticides and pesticides, and all led to the pollution of the environment in all its forms .. .. Air Pollution Contamination of water .. And contaminated soil, and consumed and became some of the agricultural land is unable to produce .. as well as increased the amount of land was stripped of bush and forest and increased the number of animals and plants become extinct every year and the percentage of rivers and lakes that have lost everything by living organisms, and turned into swamps [ ].

Today, the mistake of Pollution of the environment is a purely local or domestic problem, because the environment in fact is not subject to a regional system, but are open, which makes pollution is an international problem, with the contribution of all the countries affected by the impact. This is evidenced by the loss amounts enormous pollutants in many European countries through the rain did not result from her, but resulted from the contaminated areas, and moved through the water with the wind and rain from one country to another. Usually transmitted pollutants directly through the wind from place contaminated to another non-polluting. There is a problem pollution of rivers, oceans and seas, which has become a global problem .. and there is a problem to export and import of food from contaminated areas and a serious impact, and the transformation from a regional problem to a global problem. The problem of the ozone hole, which are common to all countries around the world and one of the most important environmental problems that the whole world is responsible, and can not remedy the risk, only if the all countries, developed and developing countries, in order to reduce the pollutants that reach the environment.

Many environmentalists agree that poor people are the instrument most damaging environmental regulations in the pursuit of living and life, as they consume and use what is under their hands in order to obtain energy or food, which causes the use of firewood and agricultural residues, charcoal and dung as fuel for domestic purposes in the pollution of heavy indoor pollution is experienced by the majority of women and children. and many of the studies included data and statistics indicate a high incidence of respiratory diseases and cancer of the nose and throat due to exposure to emissions of such fuels [] ..

Two decades ago, confirmed the report of the WHO's Who that the environment is contaminated kill more than 30 thousand people every day in third world countries, and more than half the world's population lack access to clean water free of microbes, and that 6 million children in developing countries die each year from due to diarrhea, and half the population of these countries suffer from problems of parasitic worms. The Conference of Islamic Capitals and Cities, held in Cairo in September 1986, the high mortality rate in the world due to contamination from 60 deaths in 1930 to 2000 deaths in 1985.

Population Problem

Given the severity of the problem, communities have become human, institutional and scientific organizations, environmental Bearing in mind the problem of the population issue, because of the correlation significant among the population and the march of social and economic development. Research has shown scientific field in many communities to not taking the population factor into account in development planning and environmental will lead to a developmental disorder, so that communities become unable to meet the social and economic needs and environmental members of the [].

To demonstrate the severity of increasing global population and the consequent process drain of resources, the number of the world's population currently stands at more than 6.3 billion people, it is expected that figure to 14.2 billion in 2025, if the current population growth rate as it is, which equal to 1.67% per annum.
One major consequence of population growth rates in the world high proportion of the age group of 1-24 years for a total of 50% of the world population in 2000, and increased rates of migration from the countryside to the city in developing countries, increased population density and congestion in major cities.


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    Thinking about how will pollution affect us economically and socially is pretty scary
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    Thanks for sharing!! =)
    Posted 09-11-2016 23:58

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    Thank you for your comment
    Posted 02-12-2014 00:51

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    Thanks for sharing:)
    Posted 30-11-2014 16:40

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    I agree "Pollution is the most serious"
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    Pollution,any undesirable change in the physical,chemical or biological characteristics of air,water and land,harmfully affects living organisms and natural resources
    Posted 30-11-2014 16:39

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