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[Middle East Bulletin] Land.

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Land, sometimes referred to as dry land, is the solid surface of the Earth that is not permanently covered by water.[1] The vast majority of human activity occurs in land areas that support agriculture, habitat, and various natural resources.

Some life forms (including terrestrial plants and terrestrial animals) have developed from predecessor species that lived in bodies of water to exist on land.

Areas where land meets large bodies of water are called coastal zones. The division between land and water is a fundamental concept to humans, and can have strong cultural importance. The demarcation between land and water varies by local jurisdiction. A maritime boundary is one such political demarcation. A variety of natural boundaries exist to help define where water meets land. Solid rock landforms are easier to demarcate than marshy or swampy boundaries, where there is no clear point at which the land ends and a body of water has begun. Demarcation can further vary due to tides and weather.


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    Thank you for the information

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    that's a great read! however you should try writing it yourself. I looked it up and it was there on wikipedia. or when you copy someone else's work try to give them credit at least :)
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