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The environmental pollution in these days the problem of age it is the most dangerous types of pollution, air pollution, which is one of the most important sources of smoke produced from burning materials.

The carbon dioxide component of smoke, a gas Gorge especially if increased focus about 5000 ppm - a maximum safe working area - The high concentrations raves eyes and cause headaches, roundabouts and shortness of breath and weakness in the muscles and ringing in the ears.

The relationship between air temperature and damage caused by smoke:

The damage caused by smoke more in cold regions than in the tropics, so that in the tropics be adjacent from the Earth's surface hotter than the one in the upper layers, so heated air rises and with it the smoke to the upper atmosphere decreases harmful to people. The opposite occurs in cold areas, the air cold does not rise and the smoke remains on cities, thus increasing the resulting damage.

Environmental damage to carbon dioxide:

It is known that the damage caused by smoke are not limited to human health, but goes beyond to other environmental damage, carbon dioxide accumulates in the upper layers of the Earth's atmosphere, where he works on keeping the Earth's temperature, and because it reflects part of it and prevent it from leaking into outer space, and the greater the amount of carbon dioxide in this layer increased warming.

It is noted that the percentage of carbon dioxide began to take on the rise since the last century, as a result of industrial growth growing, the chimnies  factories and car exhausts and transportation other poses negligible amount of the gas, and the danger inherent in this is the growing global warming and what might cause of environmental disasters, it is expected as a result of this to increase the melting ice at the poles, and thus increase the percentage of water in the rivers and seas and subsequent flooding may sink some coastal areas. Add to this the consequent change in this climate generally amount  rain and direction of the wind.

Other content to smoke:

Add the aforementioned smoke contains a number of gases harmful to health and the environment. This produces gas formulations different by origin and conditions of their formation, including carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas produced by combustion is full of organic matter, and nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and two poison gazes and are responsible for the acid rain that cause damage to plants and installations, as smoke contains also some volatile organic compounds resulting from the incomplete combustion of fuel, and also contains suspended solids in the form of dust.

When we know the size of this suffering and bone environmental concerns current - and held for which conferences and cents for which international resolutions - not admire the male smoke in the Koran (and perhaps of approval that the molecular weight of gas is 44 and this is the number Surat smoke mentioned in the Quran ) as any of the signs of the last decade and a painful torment is located on the people of that period of time - which is yet to come on the most likely words - and we wonder how the case may be, then?.

ALLAH says: (watch the day when the sky clear smoke, Enveloping the people this will be a painful doom, Lord unearth us torment from believers) (smoke 10-12).


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    thanks for the article
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    so much information!
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    Oh..thank you for sharing
    I just saw a video that,
    if people go extinct, all the other organisms will be happy,
    but if only plants are extinct, the whole planet will suffer

    Your essay helped me very much!!
    Posted 08-12-2013 20:23

Aaditya Singh

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    Thanks for sharing.
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    Hi Mohammed~ It's nice to meet you.
    You are very talented in essay writing.
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