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Middle East Bulletin

Middle East Bulletin

[Middle East Bulletin] More poetry by me :)

by | 26-02-2013 23:21 Comments 6 recommendations 0

Ariight since you wanted me to make more, here ya guys go...

The biggest concern we have is global warmin'
It's gettin hotter every summer...im just informin'
We all have to do something 'bout it...i know im performin'
Perfoming to help the world into transformin'
Transforming it before news comes stormin'
News that the glaciers in the poles are gone
Yes thats right, they have melted, whereupon
We can know that global-warming has won
I hate loosing so imma carry on
I dont give a damn if you bear-down-on
on the fact that you cant make a difference..
cuz lemme tell u, if we do this together, without silence
We can save humanity..with brilliance

Took me 17 mins :/
But im pretty sure it's worth it :D

Annas Ghafoor


  • says :
    thank you frnd
    Posted 29-12-2013 20:50

  • says :
    so much talent.......
    Posted 28-12-2013 02:12

Aaditya Singh

  • says :
    So sweet poet. Thank you :)
    Posted 11-03-2013 17:04

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