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[Middle East Bulletin] Youth for a better world

by George Zacharia | 12-03-2013 23:09 Comments 9 recommendations 0

Here is my project which was a featured project for the Project earth programme:

Our Mother nature is a wonderful gift that we humans have got. But with the advent of technology, we have led our mother nature into a worse condition. There are summits, talks, etc going around the world to help out mother nature. But then I as an individual believe, saving mother nature cannot just come out of policy descisions. There should be people to follow and implement them and this cannot just come up without a change from the grass root level.

This is why I have started my project. A project to save mother nature. You dont need to do big programs or big events, etc. You just need to do small changes in your live style and also propogate what you learned to others. 

My project is a descision that I made as an individual and this can be subsequently taken up by others to change the world. At home, I started using less water and electricity and this has led to reduced electricity charges, etc. Also I became a supporter of various organizations, etc

Here is how my project was carried out:- 


School Level

Students are the promise of tomorrow. So educating the students was my first preference. I joined my School eco club when I was in Grade 8 and now (in Grade 10) I am the president of my school environment club. 

The eco club was mainly only involved in collection campaigns, etc and was not very popular. So these are the reforms I carried out when I joined the club:-

  • Supporting and conducting innovating and interesting recycling drives. for eg: the plastic collection drive conducted in 2012. The plastics were collected by a company called D-GRADE and they used these to make TSHIRTS 
  • Conducting assemblies, etc on various issues occasionaly in the school
  • Starting the Eco Schools programme
  • Started a website for the school eco club (designed by me) and also a facebook page and group so that students can get updated of the various activities 

The results were as follows:

  • Increased participation in campaigns. eg the school secured the 1st place in the plastic collection campaign which was conducted in an inter school level
  • Increase in interest for the club. eg: the eco club got more than 200 applications for getting into the Eco Club
  • More participation from students and parents through online platforms
  • Increased environmental awareness. eg: highest participation in Beati Watani online environmental quiz and also one of the toppers in average score for the Teri Green olympiad globally

Community level

My next step was impact the public. My take on paper bags was broadcasted on City 7 TV for the World Environment Day and also in Gulf News. 

I also took part in a Tile painting project where they united many students around the UAE to paint their impressions of saving the environment on Tiles and this was used to make a big collage of tiles at Abu Dhabi.
Also I took part in Clean Up Drives, Environmental Surveys, Quizzes, etc

To raise awareness about the Earth Hour, I organized and conducted an awareness event in Sharjah Mega Mall in March 2012. The event had colouring events, craft making sessions, movie screening, on the spot quizzes, exhibition of book marks from waste, message board, etc. The event was highly appreciated by the mega mall management.

Then I understood about the harms caused by smoking to humans and also the bio diversity of our planet. So, I did a research with a group of friends and also started a foundation called Smoke Free Earth to spread awareness on the ill effects of smoking.

Intenational Level

I am an avid supporter of environmental organizations like Green peace and WWF. I have signed many petitions of these organizations aiming to make policy changes, etc. So, in this way I as an individual can shape major policy desicsions. For eg, recently I signed a petition to ban Ivory trade in Thailand and it was successful. Also I signed a petition to stop Shell from digging in the artic and that was also equally successful.

Also I register for various environmental events like Environment Day, Earth Hour, Paper less Day, etc

Something else we all can do

This was one easy thing and I am sure it did wonders! When you share pictures, videos, thoughts, etc regarding the environment through social media like Facebook and twitter, you can be sure that all your friends have seen it and it will make an impact in their lives. It could be awareness about simple events, days, etc and also about endangered animals, environmental tips, etc. So when people see it through this media, they can easily understand it.

Most of us as youth especially claim that we don't have time so we cant involve in environmental campaigns, etc. We have to study a lot, etc. But then we fail to realise that most of the free time we have is spent on the internet. So, in such situations when we just can simply sign petitions, share info, etc, always remember it can have a huge impact! :D

So, people this is just a small project that I had that I shared. It is a step that we individuals can take and I have spread the message through my actions and works to others. Do hope you carry on the light forward! :D


George Zacharia

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  • says :
    thanks for sharing
    Posted 29-12-2013 20:49

  • says :
    keep up
    Posted 28-12-2013 02:11

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Great detailed Report... So much for everyone to learn
    Posted 16-05-2013 00:58

Eco Generation

  • says :
    thanks for sharing
    Posted 15-03-2013 11:38

  • George Zacharia says :
    Thank you @Christie and @Simran! :D
    Posted 13-03-2013 23:37

  • says :
    You are doing the right things. All you are doing is priceless thing for the environment!
    Posted 13-03-2013 10:59

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    Congrats and Nice Report, very encouraging friend!
    Posted 13-03-2013 03:52

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