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[Middle East Bulletin] Unique innovation- Solar-Powered Water Drop Building to Produce Drinking Water from Dubai Air

by Aaditya Singh | 24-06-2013 21:58 Comments 3 recommendations 0

Solar-Powered Water Drop Building to Produce Drinking Water from Dubai Air

Based on an innovative concept Water Droplet resort is an architectural marvel that has been designed in the shape of water drop by Orlando De Urrutia.

WATER BUILDING RESORT, is a sustainable building, that was designed architecturally and inspired by the form of a DROP OF WATER when falling from the heights. It is a sustainable building, projected and thought to create conscience of the water.The building not only contributes to the knowledge and culture to the coming generations, but also financial profitability for their promoters and investors.On the outside of the building are solar panels that generate energy and on the inside, the core, are vertical conduits for water.


If it comes through, WATER BUILDING RESORT, will be the first build in the world that transform the air into water, to obtain water starting from the air it seems a science fiction , however it is a reality thanks a new and modern technology.

Their production based on the condensation of the humidity that is in the air, its location in the water of the sea, add a big value regarding a bigger condensation., allowing to take advantage a daily evaporation and the night condensation.

On the other hand WATER BUILDING RESORT will recycle the water taking the rain water and marine water too, purifying it with equipment incorporated in the base of the build. 

For a nation that relies so heavily on desalination and has almost year round humid weather, such technology will be a blessing. But there?s more to this building. Its entire structure is designed to create greater water-awareness. In the UAE, where water and electricity have been subsidized for so long, people tend not to appreciate its value. So hopefully this building will be a gentle reminder.

I am eagerly waiting for the building to come up if it does go further beyond the design proposal. but till then we can enjoy the attached concept video.


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