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[Middle East Bulletin] Sfe Ramadan Event

by George Zacharia | 19-07-2013 23:29 Comments 5 recommendations 0

Students For The Earth is planning to conduct a Ramadan Iftar Event in the UAE. It will be something different too. 

So, all those who are interested please email me at rijorose@hotmail.com, so that I can register you up. It is only for those in the United Arab Emirates.

Do forward this info to others who you think can take part. Also, organizations, please do forward it among your members too. Invite your friends and relatives to be a part too. Organizations too can be a part of this too. 

The dates, venue, etc is not confirmed. We want to know how many people are interested and accordingly plan the event, etc. We will be conducting it before Aug 6th 2013. All those who are taking part would have to spend some money each for the Iftar packets.

Also anybody who has contacts of places, etc where we can conduct it, please do inform us (labour camps, poor people, etc). 

So, please send it as soon as possible to me. We need to start organizing it. 

Do participate in the event


  • says :
    good work
    Posted 29-12-2013 20:42

  • says :
    very nice...
    Posted 28-12-2013 02:03

  • says :
    I loved Iftar, actually, the foods :D!!
    Posted 14-08-2013 15:23

  • says :
    great event..
    Posted 29-07-2013 17:07

  • says :
    great event!!
    Posted 24-07-2013 17:51

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