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[Middle East Bulletin] Eco friendly cleaning alternatives

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Eco friendly cleaning alternativesDenise McGinty, Managing Director of Houskeeping Co, the UAE?s first five-star housekeeping service, suggests a more holistic approach to home cleaning and gives you tips on how to use household remedies for cleaning. Things that are grandmothers commonly used at home.

If you want to be environmental friendly and work harder to keep your home clean, you can do away with all these chemicals and actually create your own cleansers and non toxic sprays, she says.

One of the most effective cleaning agents in our home is baking soda. Vinegar is known to take off moulds and stains.

Use lemon which is another cleanser that leaves a fresh odour. A variety of combinations of these ingredients can help you cut out the chemical overload in your home.

if you need to declog your drain, sprinkle baking soda in the drain and leave it for 20 minutes. Then pour boiling water and all the usual blocks disappear leaving a clear drain for you.

For cleaning toilet bowls, clear white vinegar and lemon juice

For polishing silver instead of using dangerous chemicals, try using an old toothpaste. Coat the silver with the paste and wipe it off with an aluminum foil.

For cleaning out ovens, all you need is generous amounts of baking soda and an old brush.

Instead of using supermarket sponges that are non biodegradable use old towels and rag cloth. Wash and clean, cut and sew them into perfect sizes to be used as dusters.

Polish your wooden furniture with half a tabslespoon of flaxseed oil mixed with half a tbsp of olive oil and some lemon juice.., walnut oil, or coconut oil?yes!..its really works

To clean the bathroom mirror mix equal parts of water with white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the mirror surface and use a lint free cloth to get the toothpaste stains off it ... best way to polish is actually with old crumpled up newspaper


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