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[Middle East Bulletin] A Day Devoted To Turtle Conservation project

by | 04-12-2013 21:18 Comments 6 recommendations 0

     Last week I attended an interesting and informative programme organized by Emirates Wild life Society in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund (EWS-WWF). Companies and groups  were invited to build a boat out of recycled materials in the design of a wild animals . Participants Paraded their boat on the day of the event and floated it across the canal to compete with others. The event was fully committed to recycling and it raised funds to support EWS-WWF species conservation project.

Since I could not float a boat due to age criteria I did my contribution by adopting a turtle and volunteered to sell more turtle adoption packs to visitors. I aided the project in achieving its mission to understand more about the migratory paths and important feeding grounds of the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle in the region. EWS-WWF was formed to protect biodiversity  across the emirates including endangered species raise awareness on the high UAE Ecological Footprint and address environmental issues. 

By attending this event, I got information on the potential sources which threaten turtles and how we can save them from those dangers especially during nesting season of turtles (April to July). These are few tips I would like to share with my fellow environmentalists.

 Keep safe distance from the turtles on a beach, and don?t shine any light on them, as it is irritating for them.

  • Don?t leave litter on the beach, as turtles sometimes mistake trash for food (jellyfish)
  • Don?t think of driving on sandy beaches, as it can crush turtle eggs and scare turtles away.
  • Be extra vigilant when riding jet skis or boats during these months, as turtles swim in shallow waters, making them vulnerable to being hit.



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