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[Middle East Bulletin] What does hair mean to a chemo patient?

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Homo sapiens have complex keratin structures that grow out from follicles on the cranium epidermis. Basically, humans have hair on their heads. This hair may be more important to a female than it is to a male. But it still is important to everyone. Men in their 40?s seek hair fixing treatment, due to balding of the scalp. That just goes to prove that even males take hair to be a vital part of their wellbeing.

Hair is not a structure that our body essentially requires. Everyone can do without that burden on their heads. Yet, we grow hair on our heads because it is a symbol of age and health. Hair and hair related issues are most discussed worldwide. It is just so important to have those locks on our heads. The ones who do are lucky, but what about the ones who don?t? We don?t realize it but society tends to look down upon people who don?t have hair on their heads. A woman would never bald herself.  So there ought to be another reason. And the most prevalent reason is- undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a painful process of breaking the bonds of human cells by the use of lasers. As if that wasn?t enough torture, the chemo patient is haunted by hair loss. I mean HAIR LOSS. What?s the difference? Hair loss happens when hair falls off, while combing or tugging at it. It is usually a reversible condition. HAIR LOSS happens when hair follicles loosen their grip on hair strands and every single hair falls off. It is the loss of hair in massive quantities, because of which, after a few days, the scalp starts balding.

I am indeed blessed to have been able to donate 12 inches of my hair to those on the pursuit for hope.

All cancers are not treated with chemotherapy. One of the widely diagnosed cancers is breast cancer. Factually, breast cancer happens more to women than to men. Cancer and its treatment is the phase of the patient?s life wherein she/he is struck mostly physical and emotional pain. Added to this, the hair loss condition and the patient is on the verge of nervous breakdown. It is of utmost importance that the patient doesn?t lose hope in this phase. It is mostly a personal fight. This is the part when hair comes to play. It may be a negligible part of their conditions. But, a chemotherapy patient is day and night conscious about when the locks might grow back. Hair is extremely important to a chemo patient because it relieves half of their pain. At least he/she is able to blend in with everyone else. The emotional pain is then countered. By doing so, it is assured that the patient?s hope raises. Hope is the very remedy of cancer. To conclude, cancer has only one remedy, that is hope. Hope is partly raised through hair. Therefore hair equals hope to a chemo patient.

Swathy Sanjay Sindhu

 (Breast Cancer Awareness Missionary)


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