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[Middle East Bulletin] Clothing-fashion statement or a necessity

by | 23-06-2014 00:48 Comments 3 recommendations 0

Clothing has become more of a fashion statement than a necessity." For some, shopping for clothes is as entertaining as going for a picnic. Earlier, clothes were bought out of necessity based on climatic requirements, body development and non-usability. However, the situation differs now, as a teenager, new trends and styles always fascinate me. At times, I tend to forget that my wardrobe is precisely overflowing with clothes. The sight of my wardrobe surprises my mom ,?In my times ,the only luxury I got for buying clothes was during occasions otherwise it was bought only to replace the older ones-out of necessity, ?says my mom. The words of my mom shocks me as it is nearly impossible for me to do that, the change has gone too far.

Are we contributing both economically and environmentally? Think for yourself. We are contributing a lot in terms of economy but about our environment, no clue. The impact of cloth manufacturing on the environment is less informed as none wants to accept the fact. Now let?s look under the iceberg. 

The manufacturing of clothes done on a large scale is produced using machines, which utilize the natural resources such as fossil fuels and water. If we look into the facts, we find that the UK clothing industry is responsible for the release of 3.1 million tonnes carbon dioxide per annum. Again, the level of emission depends upon the fabric type and processing system involved. The production of natural fibers and especially with intensively grown monocultures, is the land degradation that can arise from chemical pollution of soil and ground water through use of herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers along with it loss of bio diversity. . Poor farming practice can lead to neglect or mistreatment of animals, with malnutrition, infections and illness. Poachers are often blamed for the extinction of animals but in fact, aren?t we the ones encouraging them to hunt for more. It's mental satisfaction for most of us to hang around our neck the skin of those creatures who can't speak out-so inhuman.

Clothes don't make a man, but clothes have got many a man a good job." As always, said, everything has its particular advantages, and disadvantages-even clothing has its own.

   I would like to conclude, that it is each one of us who has to decide on how we can bring about a change. With more and more solutions raised against environmental problems, it is strange that the impact of cloth manufacturing on the environment was hidden. So friends, the ever solution to all problems ?recycle? all your clothes, impart them to people in different parts of the world or to your own neighborhood and reduce cloth shopping. Do you want to shop or let your kids survive?

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    Thanks for sharing.^_^
    Posted 28-11-2014 04:49

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    Posted 24-11-2014 22:16

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    Thank you for sharing Nichol! So, I usually buy basic items to prevent buying too many items.
    Coordinating cloths wisely is good way to protect the environment in fashionable way :)
    Posted 23-06-2014 17:14

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